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Jim Garner

UCC Association Council reviews mandate

Jim Garner

Association Council president Jim Garner.

Upper Canada College Association Council serves as a link between the school and Old Boys, parents, governors, directors, trustees, faculty and staff members, and others interested in UCC’s welfare. It provides programs and services for its members and engages them in the service of the College.

The council, led by president Jim Garner ’77, has 21 elected and eight ex-officio members, including Old Boys, parents, governors, staff members and trustees. It recently reviewed its mandate, and consultation with internal stakeholders and peer schools was conducted to explore such questions as how aware the UCC community was of the council’s role and how its work could be improved.

The process resulted in these key recommendations:

Establish annual goals and objectives: You can’t manage what you don’t measure, say the experts. With a view to establishing specific objectives and deliverables, the council’s executive committee will work with the advancement office to develop and determine major projects each year. Predetermined, measurable goals will serve to quantify success in a more disciplined, business-like manner.

Enhanced co-ordination with board of governors: With its broad base of community representation, tighter coordination with the board of governors will make the Association more accountable for College life and serve to maximize volunteer potential.

Expand membership: After reviewing the composition of council, it was decided that adding a faculty member would enhance its status and be more fully representative of the community.

Strengthen working relationship with Association office: The council will have a more active role in programming and advising the Association office on specific events and programs.

Enhance and sustain engagement of experienced volunteers, including class presidents: Efforts will continue to make class reunion events as well-attended and well-programmed as possible. The council will also integrate and coordinate more deeply with the UCC parent organizations and encourage past council members to volunteer in other capacities.