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David Borden

Faculty share summer adventures

It’s not just our students who come back to school in September with tales to tell. From hiking glaciers to studying in Jerusalem, we fill you in on some of the exciting ways our faculty members spent their summer:

David Borden got fit, very fit

David Borden

David Borden

“Every day was a ‘bluebird day,’” says Upper School economics teacher David Borden, describing his one-week adventure under clear blue skies while hiking off of the Icefields Parkway north of Banff. He’d never hiked glaciers before, but with his friend, an experienced mountain guide, they summitted two mountains. Outfitted with crampons, ice axe and safety ropes, they stayed in an Alpine Club of Canada hut next to the Peyto Glacier — with crevasses hundreds of feet deep and 10 feet wide.

“I fell in up to my waist in one,” Borden says. Thanks to his guide ropes, his friend pulled him to safety.

That wasn’t enough adventure. He also served as a whitewater rafting guide on the Thompson River, working with Kumsheen Rafting Resort in Lytton, B.C. for five weeks. And to top off his summer, he bicycled from Portland, Ore. to San Francisco with his girlfriend, covering 1,200 kilometres in 12 days.

“Cycling is the perfect speed at which to see the countryside,” Borden says. “We’re already looking forward to our next trip.” (Cuba just may be next.)