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Students build shantytown in UCC quad

Shantytown project

UCC Year 2 geography students build a shelter in the quad.

Upper Canada College Year 2 boys studying geography of the Americas with teacher Joanne Hogan took their learning outside of the classroom on the afternoon of Oct. 4 when they were asked to build a shantytown in the quad.

The boys have been learning about living conditions in slums as part of the urban issues section of the course, and the intent was for them to build character while also creating shelters using only found materials they collected. The goal is for students to gain empathy for slum-dwellers by discovering how difficult it is to find and construct housing from scratch.

The shelters will be up until Oct. 8, and people are welcome to check out the boys’ work. If you can’t make it in person, these photos should give you a taste of what they came up with: