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Winston Kwok

UCC students place first and third in Chinese essay competition

Upper Canada College students placed first and third in the Chinese Panda Cup Students’ Chinese Essay Competition, which drew more than 2,000 entries.

Entrants could either write about where they’ve lived or the pandas that arrived at Toronto Zoo this year.

IB2 student Winston Kwok was the winner for an essay he wrote about living in Hong Kong, Guangdong Province in China and Toronto and how this has given him an international vision and an appreciation of both Chinese and Canadian culture.

IB2 student Wilder Walker-Stewart placed third for his essay about seeing the pandas at the zoo and how they reflected Chinese culture and what they meant to him. He was the only non-Chinese participant to win an award.

IB1 student Yuan Kong also placed third for writing about leaving Shenzhen, China and how he’s adapted after moving to Toronto to attend UCC and board in Seaton’s House.

The boys, students of UCC Mandarin teacher Jane Li, were honoured at an award ceremony hosted by the Toronto branch of the Chinese consulate and held at the Premiere Ballroom & Convention Centre in Richmond Hill, Ont. on Oct. 20. The event was covered by Chinese-Canadian television media outlets, and you can see Kwok being interviewed in Cantonese here.

UCC students Xu Zhang, Charlie Yang, Yin Xiao and Kinton Cheung also received awards.