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UCC’s learning commons is coming to life

Library parent volunteers

Library parent volunteers sort books for the new shelves in Macintosh Library.

Upper Canada College’s student centre and its surrounding vicinity are being revamped to create a learning commons, and work is underway to make these spaces more conducive to educating boys.

The student centre, Macintosh Library and adjacent academic, university counselling, information technology and Wernham West Centre for Learning offices fall under the learning commons mandate, which is to create a welcoming virtual and physical environment in which engagement in collaborative teaching and learning is supported and optimized. It’s an area where creativity is fostered and academics are celebrated.

As a result of feedback and data gathering from students last year, the above named departments formed a collaborative approach to working together and supporting boys and their learning. Boys have asked for social, quiet and flexible spaces, and support that’s transparent and easily accessible. This has resulted in plans to improve furnishing, space design and usage in these areas.

Parents, Old Boys and other UCC community members have supported the learning commons initiative and contributed to its funding, but more is still needed to complete the project. The Parents’ Organization donated $40,000 to improve library shelving by making it more accessible, modular and contemporary, and library parent volunteers recently helped reorganize books.