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Joint production of Agamemnon impresses in all areas

Agamemnon is one of the oldest surviving plays in the Western canon, but pithy and passionate performances by Upper Canada College and The Bishop Strachan School students propelled it nearly 25 centuries forward without losing a step.

The talented cast and crew enjoyed the full capabilities of the David Chu Theatre, with a monumental two-storey set and more than 100 lights, as they recounted Aeschylus’ classic tragedy from Jan. 29 to Feb. 1. Besides the eponymous hero-king of Greek myth, the cast brought to life a diverse and balanced set of characters, including the four separate members of the Chorus that carries much of the play’s narrative weight. In keeping with the traditional aims of Greek drama, they summoned the full range of human emotion — from triumph and reunion to catastrophic loss.

Congratulations to the UCC boys who participated in the cast — John Gilchrist (IB2), Alex Green (IB2), Alex Czegledy (IB1), Seth Zucker (IB1) and Jake Bradshaw (FY) — as well as brilliant technicians Chris Tully (IB1), Ernest Leung (IB1) and Jordan Young (IB1).

Teachers and directors Dale Churchward and Heather Crawford’s guidance and ambition made everything possible, along with the many faculty members, students and parent volunteers who did invaluable work along the way.

—John Lutz, stage manager