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Giant map enhances geography studies

Giant geography map

Grade 8 geography students sit on the giant Canadian man that aided their studies.

Upper Canada College Grade 8 geography students have had the opportunity to explore Canada in a whole new way for the past few weeks – by walking across the country on a giant floor map on loan from Canadian Geographic.

Students have been able to explore Canadian energy production and transmission on a map measuring nearly 11 metres by eight metres, about half the size of the Upper School student centre.

Students used the map to examine different types of electricity production, both renewable and non-renewable, and the distribution of these production sites across Canada. They were able to make connections between the type of energy produced and the geographic features present in the area. They examined oil and natural deposits and their transmission lines to examine the flow of these resources across the country. Students also practiced their map skills by reading latitude and longitude coordinates and measuring distances between places.

When the first question the students asked when they entered the classroom was “Are we going to the map today?,” the geography teachers knew they’d made a great impression and brought the study of energy resources to life.

Here are more photos of the boys using the map:

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