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Nuit Bleue showcases exceptional commitment to the arts

Nuit Bleue treated our community to visual arts, poetry, music, film, debating, Model Parliament and Model United Nations, stage fighting and more.

“The evening’s centerpiece is the IB2 final exhibition which represents the culmination of two years of research and studio work,” says Anne Kaye, Upper School art teacher.

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The exhibition took over the student centre and showcased a range of media and techniques.

Also a big draw was the Foundation Year industrial design project. Students used reclaimed materials, everything from bicycle spokes to crayons, to create inventive lamps. Impressive in their own right, the lamps also showcased “design thinking” which has broader, lifelong application, explains Kaye.

“It’s a way of problem solving that helps in all courses,” she says, “considering tools, materials and shapes, and how they how interact with humans in terms of form and function.” Indeed, inspired by such programming, many students go on to careers in architecture or industrial and graphic design, says Kaye.

Additionally, the Year 2s had a great time learning how to illustrate with vector-based design software. The resulting Olympics posters in the main hall highlighted the skills of composition and their grounding in poster-art history which had informed the projects, explains Upper School art teacher Vesna Krstich.

This year’s Nuit Bleue ramped up the interactive programming, with a mid-afternoon student assembly featuring a spirited “Battle of the Bands” to set the momentum for the evening. Creativity Steward Alex Green can take much credit for the organization, says Krstich.

As well, a great crowd pleaser was the IB1’s stage fighting display in the David Chu Theatre. Offering scenes from Titus Andronicus, one of Shakespeare’s many Roman plays, students had prepared in class with fight choreography trainer Simon Fon, one of Canada’s foremost stage and film fight specialists. (Simon has choreographed many fights in the co-curricular program.) Hence, the audience was treated to a “little hand-to-hand combat, a taste of the broadsword, and some play with rapiers,” as the evening’s program read.

For a visual round-up of the evening, please take a moment to look at the photos here. (Credit: Barry Roden)

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