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Human Rights Advocacy Club shows Old Boy’s film

The Human Rights Advocacy Club presented the feature film Our Man in Tehran, which previewed at the Toronto International Film Festival, on April 11. The film’s co-director is Old Boy Drew Taylor ’01. He was in attendance.

The event featured a brief introduction and a Q&A following the film with Taylor. His brother, Matthew Taylor ’02, helped produce the film and was also in attendance.

Our Man in Tehran also received the “Documentary Audience Choice” award at Cinefest. The film covers the Iranian hostage crisis with special attention to the Canadian contributions in exfiltrating six American diplomats, as well as Ambassador Ken Taylor’s work on Operation Eagle Claw, details which were left out of the feature film Argo.

This free event was open to everyone and took place in the comfortable and intimate setting of the film room. With a small but enthusiastic group, the screening was well received with plenty of positive feedback. The movie far exceeded expectations, and with supplementary information from the co-director and associate producer themselves, the audience was able to get a unique, behind the scenes perspective, a rare opportunity. Both Drew and Matthew were more than gracious in sharing their experiences in making this film and sharing such a compelling event in Canadian history with the word. We look forward to what they will produce next.

Husayn Kara

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