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Fun for all at ‘Law and Order: Fairy Tale Unit’

Audiences will be treated to two wonderful shows of Law and Order: Fairy Tale Unit, the joint Upper Canada College-Bishop Strachan School production featuring talented Grade 7 and 8 actors, who performed at BSS on April 3 and 4.

The play is set in a fictional city where all the characters from fairy tales congregate, and law and order must be kept. Bring in the Fairy Tales Unit – the police who investigate the fairy tale crimes and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders.  Detectives Cindy Rella and Humpty Dumpty must uncover those who blew down two of the three little pigs’ houses and Assistant District Attornies Stilskin and Merm try to make sure the jury finds the accused guilty.

The audience loved the fast moving and entertaining addition to the “crime” genre, complete with over-the-top dialogue, wacky personalities, two blind mice, a narcoleptic beauty and a completely unexpected twist.

Special thanks to the talented directors, Mr. Spain, Ms Kirsh and Ms Janke who not only directed, but also taught the art of theatre. Congratulations to the dedicated cast of UCC students including Devin Lee, Conrad Mahogany and Christopher Lord, and the BSS students, for their very memorable performances.

Devin Lee Y1
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