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Important issues addressed by Grade 5 boys at PYP Exhibition

The pride that Upper Canada College Grade 5 students had in their Primary Years Programme (PYP) Exhibition projects was clearly evident on May 9.

The exhibition is the collaborative, student-directed, research-based, action-oriented culminating activity of the PYP. It involved brainstorming possible topics tied to the “Who We Are?” transdisciplinary theme and boys used an array of research resources to achieve their goals.

The 66 well-prepared boys who took part eagerly explained their projects and answered questions from the large group of parents who came out to see the result of months of hard work that had been put into the exhibition by both students and their faculty and staff mentors. The independent inquiries delved into a variety of discussion-provoking topics, including: natural disasters; animal cruelty; pollution; animal rights; global warming; overpopulation; obesity; brain games; animal allies; violent video games; discrimination; poverty; and health concerns.

A number of groups incorporated games, quizzes, websites and slide shows to add interactive components, while others produced informative brochures. All of the displays were buzzing with activity as parents and Grade 5 students from The York School gathered around to see what the students came up with.

Visitors also enjoyed reading action letters, French materials, student blogs and learning logs as well as viewing videos and art displays that conveyed the boys’ central ideas.

Here are some photos of the exhibition:

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