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Sweet deal proposes ice cream in exchange for kind acts

By Laurie Fraser, Prep character co-ordinator

“What I regret most in my life are failures of kindness.” George Saunders

It sounds like a pretty sweet deal. As part of a recent Kindness Project, the boys of 7H scooped over 400 bowls of Greg’s Ice Cream, one for every boy at the Prep, in exchange for a promised act of kindness to someone in their family. The boys can thank Greg Mahon of Greg’s Ice Cream for his generosity in supplying the treats. It was all part of an increased emphasis on character development school-wide, through numerous creative initiatives.

The Prep boys were delighted to receive the free ice cream. The boys in 7H developed a greater empathy for those in the service industry and also felt the rush of joy from doing something explicitly to promote kindness. (We are all grateful to Greg for the generous donation of roasted marshmallow, strawberry, sweet cream and malt crunch inspirations of kindness. No regrets, prep wide.)

We’d be delighted for you to send us photo evidence of your son fulfilling his promise of kindness:


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