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“Mick Rercer” student video showcases Norval’s precarious ecosystem

David Girard’s Grade 6 science class has been busy studying a unit called “Interactions in the environment.” They’ve spent their time learning about ecosystems, in an effort to stop Eco-Corp from buying part of Norval to build a new condominium development. Simon Ofiara, Troy Boydell, Alex Dreger and Jake Carron created a video called the “Mick Rercer Report” where they take on the roles of Australian ecologists to convince UCC’s board of directors and Principal Jim Power from selling the land.

The focus of the video is on the threatening possibility of a condominium being built on part of Norval’s land. If the condominium is built it could be extremely damaging to Norval, the wild animals and the ecosystems that makes the area so special.

The boys did a great job imitating the Australian naturalist and “Crocodile Hunter,” Steve Irwin. They were very knowledge about the wildlife that survive on the grounds, as well as the two prominent ecosystems, “meadow” and “sugar bush.” The video is a great laugh and will make you think twice about how our built environment affects wildlife and surrounding ecosystems.

Watch the video here.

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