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The stretch gift: Loyal UCC Fund donors make $50,000 Think Ahead Campaign contribution

Who hasn’t come home in December to find their mailbox overflowing with charity fundraising appeals? When it comes to deciding which causes to support, and at what level, the options are endless. That’s why we’re especially grateful that long-time UCC Fund supporters Jamie ’72 and Patsy Anderson made the College a giving priority for 2014 with contribution of $50,000 in support of the school’s greatest needs.

“Between ourselves and our kids, we have relationships to 11 different schools alone,” says Jamie. “We can’t support them all, so we pick where to direct our support based on where we think it can make the greatest difference.”

It was after reading the latest issue of the Campaign Insider over coffee one Saturday morning that Jamie and Patsy decided that the time was right to make a larger investment in UCC.

“It was something I felt we should do,” says Jamie. “Our city, our province and our country need top-notch educational institutions at all levels. I believe the College is one of these first-rate schools.”

The Andersons found the Think Ahead Campaign’s financial assistance priority to be especially appealing.

“The ideal UCC has state-of-the-art facilities, programs and teachers” says Jamie. “But I believe these resources are less meaningful if they’re only available to the small percentage of families who can afford the full cost of tuition at the College.”

“We’re very grateful to the Andersons,” says Principal Jim Power. “As we approach the campaign’s finish line, it’s very heartening to see our entire community coming together in support at all levels. We’re particular struck by the many loyal annual donors who, like Jamie and Patsy, are choosing to make stretch gifts in support of Think Ahead. It’s a real demonstration of belief in what we’re trying to achieve.”