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Prize Day heralds new tradition at Prep

It was a special day at the Prep and the start of a new UCC tradition on Friday, June 5. All boys in Form 6 attended the first annual Form 6 Prize Day to recognize students who received a prize or achieved top marks in their class.

Proud parents and teachers came together in Weston Hall to support the boys who won an award and to hear remarks from Don Kawasoe, Head of the Prep and Upper School, and Ian Robinson, Head of Middle Division. Prizes handed out all signify a student’s commitment to his education and a commendable eagerness to learn.

Congratulations to this year’s prize winners and all the students who worked hard this school year. This year’s Prep prize winners are listed below:

Maurice Clarkson Prize (for achieving an average of 85% or above):
Toni Agbaje-Ojo, Adin Aggarwal, Owen Anderson, Daniel Botros, Connor Finlay, Charlie Gage

Earl Elliott Prize (for achieving an average of 85% or above):
Reid Gledhill, Jack Hewitt, Jay Kim, Nicholas Lam, Adam Manji, Max Rivett

Sheila Owen Prizes for Reading:
Ben Atkinson, Declan Douglas, Connor Finlay, Noah Verhoeff

Wesley Barker Prize for Creative Writing:
Toni Agbaje-Ojo

William Livingston Music Prize:
Jay Kim

William Livingston Math Prize:
Adam Manji

Kati Rekai Core French Prize:
Owen Anderson

Kati Rekai Advanced French Prize:
Daniel Ayik

Extended French Prize:
Jack Hewitt

Mr. Robinson Gives French Award (1)Mr. Livingston Gives Award 2 (1)Form 6 Award WInners 2 (1)