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The Main (Floor) Event

Upper School’s first floor to undergo massive renovation.

The summer of 2015 will be anything but tranquil on UCC’s campus. What’s the cause of all this unrest? It’s nothing short of the complete renovation of much of the Upper School’s first floor over a handful of weeks in June, July and August.

“The summer of 2015 has been circled in my calendar for a long time now,” says facilities director Steve Thuringer. “We’ve already renovated large portions of other areas of the Upper School, but this year’s work on the main floor will be our most ambitious project to date.

“It’s not just updating existing spaces, it’s about reconfiguring the entire layout so that it best meets the needs of our students, teachers, staff and other visitors.”

Large blueprints of the main floor’s new layout were posted throughout the Upper School in early February and were greeted with great curiosity. Key highlights include the creation of additional classrooms, a new boardroom and new student lounge. Senior school administrators and main office staff will also be working out of different spaces.

As already seen in the Intermediate Division and third-floor science labs (which were renovated in the summers of 2014 and 2013 respectively), the new first floor will follow the guiding principles of “optimal learning environments” and emphasize flexibility, integrated technology and improved lighting, ventilation and climate control.

Funding for the project is being sought from the UCC community via the Think Ahead campaign’s Upper School renovations priority. The College is also committed to balancing the needs of today’s students and teachers, with the preservation of the building’s heritage.

“We’re very grateful to all those who have already chosen to support our facilities, including the many who have directed their gifts specifically to the Upper School’s main floor,” says principal Jim Power.

“With so many changes planned, we may all need a map to find our way around in September.

“Even my office is moving. That said, I’m confident that the new first floor will quickly receive rave reviews.”