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New sports court sparks play and co-operation

Response to the Prep’s new sports court is a resounding “play ball” from students and teachers alike.

Secure and state-of-the-art, it accommodates traditional sports like soccer, basketball and dodgeball, as well as imaginative play and the creation of new games. Lined turf helps the boys organize, improvise and collaborate.

“The goal was to provide a safe, multi-sport environment for boys in the younger grades,” says parent Joel Feldberg, who along with his wife Melissa gave the lead donation that made this amazing space possible. “It’s crafted to the highest standards, and it’s a place where boys can play independently while being visible to teachers and supervisors.”

The boys are greatly enjoying the sport court’s features, including a porous surface that’s still hard enough to bounce balls, and is a huge improvement over asphalt.

See all the fun and the positive reactions first-hand: