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“5K Challenge” resurrects former cross-country race

A cross-country race run by Upper Canada College boys from 1899 to 2006 was brought back last year and held again on Sept. 25 in conjunction with the Terry Fox School Run.

“Last year David Crawford, who coaches with me, decided that it would be a good idea to take Terry Fox Day — where theoretically we’re supposed to be running 5K — and resurrect this great College tradition,” says UCC cross-country team head coach Fiona Marshall.

“We decided to make it a house event so boys would be inspired and could earn points for their house.”

Five runners were nominated from each Upper School house, and they were given a 10-minute head start over the other boys to avoid jostling along the Beltline trail route and ensure good finishing times. The rankings of the top four runners from each house were added together, with the lowest total being declared the winner.

Scadding’s took this year’s team title, while the individual championship was very hotly contested. IB2 student James Griffith was first with a time of 18:25, while Year 1 student Shaan Hooey — who Marshall calls a “running phenom” — finished just one second behind him.

The winners receive a medal and their names are engraved on the old trophy, which now has a second life as part of what’s hoped will become another longstanding UCC tradition.