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Model UN weighs in on Paris shootings

[News update on this story: After the Paris attacks we asked members of the Model UN to weigh in with their perspective. The video below records their responses.]

For the third year running, UCC’s Model UN won “best large delegation,” equivalent to first place overall, at the Secondary Schools’ United Nations Symposium, hosted by McGill University in Montreal. The 20 students beat out more than 1,000 participants from 66 different schools across North America.

“I can’t stress enough how much of an achievement this is for the boys,” says faculty adviser Matt Griem. “Model UN can be mentally gruelling.” He explains how the students are in their sessions for at least eight hours a day, giving speeches that represent an entire nation. They also need to understand advanced foreign policy and international relations issues, as well as negotiate, prepare written resolutions, lobby others to join their cause, debate with people who see things differently, and trying to obtain consensus where possible.

“All the while, they do it with people judging their performance,” says Griem. “Yet, the boys love it.”

Winning the “best team” award was also an incredible accomplishment. “Having won it the last two years in a row, the boys did not go into this event with any expectations other than to do their best,” says Griem. “A large number of teams from other schools worked hard to unseat us and were hoping for a different outcome this year.”

Notably, UCC won a school record of 13 “gavels” for top performance in their respective simulations. The team members and their individual award positions are as follows:

Elliott Birman, Head Delegate, 1st Place
Nikhil Kassum, Head Delegate, 1st Place
Joe Noss, 1st Place
Justin Lu, Team Member
Adair Simpson, Team Member
Imran Jessa, Team Member
James Coady, 1st Place
Ronan Murphy, 1st Place
Ernest Leung, 3rd Place
Brent Leung, Team Member
Miles Hoaken, 1st Place
Matthew Jagdeo, 1st Place
Charlie Mortimer, 1st Place
Tom Reeve, 1st Place
Conrad Mahony, 1st Place
Daniel Reid, 1st Place
Campbell MacKinnon, Team Member
Matthew Wang, 1st Place
Adam Rothman, Team Member
David Niddam-Dent, 1st place