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Waiting for Godot … has arrived

The waiting is over as the cast of Ben Caldwell, Aaron Ash Cutajar, Charlie Hughes, Kohilan Paramaanantham and Evan Enns anticipate the arrival of the audience. Waiting for Godot runs from Wednesday, Nov. 25 to Saturday, Nov. 28 at 7 p.m. in the lecture theatre.

The plot of Samuel Beckett’s play is simple. Two tramps are waiting by a tree for the arrival of Godot. Their comical efforts to pass the time parody the human condition, and the everyday language of their exchanges takes on a universal significance. Two other characters, Pozzo and Lucky, appear as a master and his servant.

Each is representative of vaudeville characters. The purely comical aspect of the play involve traditional routines that come from the entire history of farce. The final character, a boy, appears and offers a message from Godot.

The language of the play has gravity, intensity and conciseness. Beckett’s Godot has its own beauty and suggestiveness and it makes its own comment on humanity’s inexhaustible search for meaning. It has been called one of the most beautiful allegories of our time.

The show would have not been possible without the dedicated and skillful direction of Judith Macdonell, and the fantastic crew: stage manager, Melissa Taylor; costumes and props, Nicki Perpick; fight director, Geoff Scovell; set design, Mr. Denstedt; poster/ticket design, Shaig Abduragimov; stage painting, Duc Pham and Shaig Abduragimov; light designer, Nik Tsatsos; light and sound technician, Ross Graham; “Front of the House”, Owen McKernan and Charles Marshall; Photography Joseph Gorzeman; Film Trailer Maggie Crawford.

Tickets are on sale all week in the student centre.