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“Luminous” wrap-up party for campaign celebrates donors  

A celebratory feeling in the air became official Nov. 21, with a community-wide closing party at the Upper School, aptly named “Luminous” to mark the wrap-up of Upper Canada College’s unprecedented Think Ahead Campaign. The final total is an astonishing $104.2 million, raised by more than 7,000 supporters.

Old Boys participated in force, with about 3,300 alumni making donations. Parent participation was at 2,500, and the remaining balance was comprised of faculty and staff, friends of the College and grandparents.

With the Hewitt Athletic Centre made over as a sparkling nightclub, attendees dined, danced and were thanked in a campaign impact presentation by 13 students, teachers and Old Boys, headed up by Justis Danto-Clancy ’07.

Says board chair Andy Burgess ’83, “The bulk of the campaign happened while I was chair, and it’s so satisfying to finish my tenure on this high note. There are many achievements to reflect on, and I know the community will continue to be strong and cohesive as we move into a new era of progress and generosity. The Think Ahead Campaign has clearly shown that when we galvanize into action, wonderful things happen.”