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Prep science fair’s top projects

Upper Canada College Grade 7 students worked for eight weeks developing 80 original experiments for the Dec. 16 Prep science fair.

The boys chose topics of interest to them and the experiments were designed around the scientific method, where they changed one variable in order to evaluate its effect on a second variable, while controlling all other factors.

UCC staff, faculty and Upper School students judged the projects, 10 of which received bronze medals, 11 of which received silver medals and nine of which received gold medals.

These nine gold medal-winning projects will continue on to the Toronto regional fair at the University of Toronto Scarborough on April 1.

Which type of fertilizer increases algae growth the most?

Do more recent models of cell phones have reduced amounts of elector-magnetic radiation?

Which type of music will inhibit the growth of bacteria?

How effective are “Please Slow Down” road signs?

Which type of music helps students learn most effectively?

Do screens affect students’ concentration and attention?

What type of household construction material is most effective at blocking sound?

Do people believe higher priced items are worth the price?

What type of battery lasts the longest?


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