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Model UN wins huge at Harvard

This is huge news on the Model UN front. Sixteen boys on the Model UN team earned “Best Large Delegation” at the 64th annual Harvard Model United Nations (MUN) in Boston, from Thursday, Jan. 28 to Sunday, Jan. 31. They also earned 15 individual awards. This means UCC was number one of all schools attending. 

More than 3,500 students participated, from 230 schools hailing from 38 different countries. It’s highly competitive and very prestigious. “UCC has not attended this event before and quite frankly, the goal was try our best and see what we could do,” says faculty adviser Matt Griem.

This is, by all accounts, an amazing accomplishment. As the secretary-general of the conference noted, we “made quite an impact.”

This achievement also means we’re the first international team to win the Harvard MUN’s “Best Large Delegation” prize in the past 10 years. (They are currently checking their records as we may be the first international team to ever win the prize!).

If you see these boys, please congratulate them and feel free to ask them about their experience. Thanks also to Jyoti Sehgal for all her planning and prep work, and for helping with supervision.

The team included the following boys (individual awards in brackets):

Elliott Birman (gavel, first place)
Nikhil Kassum (gavel, first place)
James Coady (gavel, first place)
Joe Noss (gavel, first place)
Ronan Murphy (gavel, first place)
Justin Lu (outstanding, second place)
Imran Jessa (best delegation team member)
Matthew Jagdeo (gavel, first place)
Charlie Mortimer (honourable mention, third place)
Tom Reeve (honorable mention, third place)
Miles Hoaken (honourable mention, third place)
Matthew Wang (honourable mention, third place)
Daniel Reid (gavel, first place)
David Niddam-Dent (outstanding, second place)
Adam Rothman (outstanding, second place)
Conrad Mahoney (honourable mention, third place)