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Prep art reception celebrates Form 4 artists

The Actor’s Court on the second floor of the Prep was abuzz with excitement on Wednesday, Jan. 27. The Form 4 art reception drew a big crowd to celebrate the amazing creativity and hard work of these enthusiastic artists.

As part of their “Ancient Societies” unit of inquiry, Form 4 boys researched mythological characters from past societies and reflected on what these characters can tell us about the values held by those societies. The boys reflected on today’s society and what we value. They created mythological characters inspired by our civilization.

In art class, each boy planned a mask project to represent a specific mythological character. The boys applied their knowledge of clay hand-building techniques to create sculptural masks with physical attributes that communicate the character’s role in 21st century society.

Actors’ Court was filled with joyful, proud looks on the faces of our boys as they showed their parents, friends and siblings their striking mythological clay masks and vibrant Canadian Landscapes acrylic paintings, completed in the fall.

– Astrid Player (Form 4 and Y1 parent) and Monika Kastelic (Primary art teacher)