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Congratulations to our new UCC students

Early in the morning on Tuesday, Feb. 23, a crew of faculty, staff and students hit the road to deliver what for many boys was the biggest and best news of their young lives: “You’ve been accepted to Upper Canada College!”

For the 155 students receiving offers of admission into the UCC’s day program for September 2016, it was an exciting moment. At 7:00 a.m. families received an email advising them there would be a package arriving on their doorstep — for many within the next hour. Lots of excited hugs and handshakes were exchanged as our team arrived and were greeted by joyful families.

Admission into Upper Canada College is incredibly competitive. The average space to applicant ratio is 1:3 and can be as high as 1:8 at some grades. Families who receive offers have demonstrated that they will take full advantage of the immense opportunities a UCC education provides, and we are thrilled they will be joining us as full-fledged members of the school community in the fall.

The deadline to accept admission offers and register for September is this Monday, Feb. 29 at noon.

Here are some shots from the road — if you have a picture you’d like to add to this collection, please send it to