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Student speech highlights virtue of self-control

IB2 student Paul Weiser self-identifed as a “digital native,” meaning he’s never know a world without the Internet. Surfing the Internet is “as fundamental as eating,” says the articulate student in his “I Believe” speech, delivered at Upper School assembly on Friday, March 4.

This speech, the latest in an occasional series in which students deliver short assembly talks on topics they’re passionate about, tries to answer the question: With so much online distraction, how am I to avoid procrastination, buckle down to work and avoid the temptation of online browsing?

Weiser talks about taking responsibility, realizing the “self control to stay on task” is in no one’s hand but his own. It’s a wise and powerful lesson for all who want to be more focused and efficient in every aspect of life. Check out the full five-minute speech here: