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Greg Eckler ’87 a contender for this year’s funniest assembly speaker

Greg Eckler ’87 is in the running for UCC’s “funniest assembly speaker in a long time” award. One of The Rick Mercer Report’s head writers, he spoke on Monday, April 11.

He had a hilarious bit about being exclued from UCC’s Wikipedia page. Perhaps, he suggested, we might unceremoniously replace our Oscar winner Melvyn Douglas (1913) on Wiki’s UCC list of illustrious alumni. Greg, we heard you and we attempted to enscribe your name-especially because your famous Mercer spoof of Capital One’s “Hands in my Pocket,” called “Knee in my Package,” is Oscar-worthy (see below). Sadly, the good folks at Wikipedia deleted it. (Our resident web guru Simon McNeil understands the adjudication process; for a full explanation, please feel free to ask him directly. In the meantime, this address is awesome: