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PYP Exhibition shows what Grade 5 boys can do

PYP Exhibition 2Upper Canada College Grade 5 students put two months of research and preparation into their Primary Years Programme (PYP) projects, and the payoff came when they were exhibited on May 6.

The International Baccalaureate leaving projects were issue-based and represented student-driven inquiry and action. Eighteen small groups of boys from the three Grade 5 classes took part in the exhibition, which began in the Prep School’s Weston Hall with an explanation and introduction of what the event was about and a cleverly written song describing project topics performed to the tune of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.”

PYP Exhibition 3With the opening ceremonies over, the boys spread out around Weston Hall and the Bitove Lounge to talk about what they’d learned about issues covering the environment, obesity, cancer, toxic waste, body health, genetic modification, child labour, human rights, animal rights and more. They did an excellent job of presenting their points to around 100 parents and other parties.

“We’ve got students here from The York School and Branksome Hall and lots of parents,” PYP coordinator Dianne Jojic said while taking a quick breather from walking around and seeing that things were running smoothly. “The joint is jumping.

PYP Exhibition 3“The boys seem pleased with their exhibits and the response to them.”

The boys received assistance from faculty and staff mentors leading up to this day, and there was a lot of written information on display at the exhibition stands. Many groups went further by including quizzes that observers could take on laptop computers, interactive games and other methods to draw attention to their knowledge and ideas.

There were also art displays where each piece was accompanied by an artist statement. Among the subjects covered were pollution, religious equality, climate change, bullying, animal testing, racial discrimination and coral bleaching.

One classroom had an animated French display while another screened short student films about deforestation, water pollution and recycling.

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