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Nutrition Committee debuts flavoured water

Water just got a whole lot more exciting! You may know that many jurisdictions around the world are introducing “soda taxes” to raise the cost of sugar-sweetened beverages as a method to tackle the rising tide of diabetes and other diet-related diseases.

Many schools have made changes to their offerings to promote health among their student population. In Ontario, public schools stopped selling sugar-sweetened beverages entirely in 2011.

So what is UCC doing? First of all, water has gotten a whole lot more exciting, flavoured naturally with fruit and herbs. Beverages high in sugar have been replaced with much healthier, delicious options.  And stay tuned as our students have some health challenges planned to promote water consumption, the best drink of all.


What’s this? Fruit-infused water? Are we at a spa? Nope, it’s the upper dining hall actually.