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UCC boys volunteer for New Circles Seniors Mobile Mall

Five Upper Canada College Grade 9 students recently volunteered at the New Circles Seniors Mobile Mall in Scarborough and have committed to doing it each month until the end of the school year.

Shaan Hooey, Ajay Monga, Marcus Chong, Rohun Nanda and Sharavanan Kirupakaran helped to set up, assisted the seniors in choosing clothing and checked their items out.

“They were very patient with the seniors who were having trouble deciding what clothes to buy,” says UCC Creativity, Activity, Service director Deirdre Timusk. “They helped the seniors reach clothes and shop. They were happy to chat with the seniors and listen to their stories.”

The Seniors Mobile Mall involves six Toronto Community Housing seniors residences. The free monthly clothing malls bring racks of specially selected clothing, accessories and new socks and underwear to seniors who might not otherwise be able to access them because of mobility or financial issues. Seniors are allowed to take as many items as they need.

The mall is a fun event that also includes refreshments, healthy living workshops and an opportunity for seniors to socialize with their neighbours and mall volunteers.

The Seniors Mobile Mall is supported by the Tippet Foundation, St. Andrew’s Society of Toronto and the Christina Mary Hendrie Trust.

Timusk said some other UCC students will run a clothing drive specifically targeting mens and boys’ clothes for the New Circles Shop. This organization targets new immigrants who are just getting settled into Canada, and these men need suits and clothing for job interviews. Their teenagers need new clothing that helps them fit in at their new high schools in the east end of Toronto.

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