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Together exhibit on reducing global poverty at UCC

The Aga Khan Foundation Canada’s Together exhibit wheeled its way on to the Upper Canada College campus on May 4 and 5.

The interactive, bilingual experience was designed to stimulate conversation about Canada’s role in reducing global poverty. It was housed in a custom-built 53-foot truck encompassing 1,000 square feet of exhibition space that includes:

“As our society becomes more interconnected through social media and the Internet, global issues will become more relevant and part of our day-to-day lives,” says director of community service and CAS Deirdre Timusk. “It is important to begin to educate ourselves about the issues and try and become part of the solution in any small way we can.”

The Together truck

The Together truck.

Together has travelled to all 10 provinces and reached 40,000 people since it launched in Ottawa in April 2015. It’s touring across Canada this year as part of the country’s 150th birthday celebrations, highlighting Canada’s leadership in promoting a more peaceful, prosperous, equal and pluralist world.

Grade 12 student Noorain Noorani saw the exhibit in London, Ont. and connected its keepers with Middle Division Head Naheed Bardai and Timusk to bring it to UCC.

Several Prep classes went through Together and teacher resources were supplied by the organization. Students from The Bishop Strachan School and the Toronto District School Board, through UCC’s Horizons program, also visited the exhibit, which also welcomed parents and other members of the College community.

“I think they learned about some of the basic issues behind global poverty and some of the important causes,” says Timusk. “They learned that solutions are complicated and involve a great number of people working together for a solution.”

If you couldn’t visit Together, you can learn more about it at its website or by watching this video.

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