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You’re invited to the World Affairs Conference keynote address on Feb. 5

geoff6Admit it. You’re already in a serious relationship with your cellphone. So fast forward a few years in this increasingly computer dependent world and what sort of status update will you need to provide Artificial intelligence is one of today’s most profound paradigm shifts and this year’s World Affairs Conference keynote speaker Dr. Geoffrey Hinton will illuminate the profound impact AI will have on our future.

Join us as Hinton delivers the Lionel Gelber keynote address on Monday, Feb. 5 at 7 p.m. in Laidlaw Hall.

This year’s theme is “Paradigm Shifts” and Hinton will discuss the consequential impacts AI is having on everything, starting with the upheaval of the job market. Hinton, nicknamed the “Godfather of Machine Learning”, divides his time between working for Google and the University of Toronto.

The World Affairs Conference (WAC) is Canada’s oldest, annual student-run current affairs conference.