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UCC and Havergal students delve into Chinese culture

Twenty-seven Upper Canada College boys went on to a field trip with girls from Havergal College on Jan. 17 to recognize World Languages Week and the upcoming Chinese new year.

Mandarin class students and Mandarin Club members planned a variety of activities, including Chinese songs, games and art performances. Mandarin Club head Billy Shi organized the event with Andy Wang from Wedd’s House and students from Havergal.

Chinese restaurant

UCC and Havergal students enjoy dinner.

The students went to a Chinese restaurant and enjoyed the food, Chinese songs sung by Language B students, as well as group games featuring Chinese culture, including Jianzi. Mandarin Club members also performed tai chi.

“It is truly remarkable to go on the field trip with peers to discover more about Chinese culture,” says Shi. “We feel fortunate to live in such a wonderful place where different cultures from all over the globe are being recognized and respected.”

After the students enjoyed the food and performances, they went to a T&T Supermarket to shop, experience the daily lives of Chinese families and explore more Chinese food culture.

Chinese supermarket

Checking out at T&T Supermarket.

“It’s great to learn more about different kinds of Chinese cultures through a joint field trip with Havergal College,” says Year 12 student Jonathan Chu.

“Walking around and seeing all of the different kinds of items that you never see in a regular supermarket was very interesting,” says Year 10 student Oliver Odendaal. “While I was there, I got the chance to buy and try some traditional Chinese foods and drinks such as Chinese chrysanthemum tea, which is good for our respiratory system and high blood pressure problems.”

Students in Mandarin classes learn about Mandarin language and its usage while boys in the Mandarin Club continue to explore Chinese culture. A field trip like this combines the learning of the language and the adventure of the culture.

By Billy Shi

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