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Association Council Members

Matthew Johnson ’95

Matt Flynn ’96

Lucas Atkins ’98
Jeff Brown ’96
Michael Carmichael ’97
Amy Cheung
Johanne Dotsikas
Rich Elder ’78
Carolyn Everson-Irwin
Joannah Lawson
J.P. Mackay ’02
David Morgenstern ’90
Liza Murrell
Lisa Orr
Zach Schwartz ’05
Neil Seeman ’88
Alexander Singh ’97
John Thompson ’88
Jared Walker ’05

Ex-officio Members as of October 2013
Sam McKinney, Principal
Russ Higgins ’81, Chairman of the Board of Governors
Alexander Younger ’89, Immediate Past-president of the Association Council
Kim Enns, Parents’ Organization President
Olga Tchetvertnykh, Prep Parents’ Organization Chair
Martha Simmons, Parents’ Annual Giving Committee Chair
Justin Wasser ’07, Chair of the Young Alumni Network
Michael Carmichael ’97, Chair of the Common Ties Advisory Committee
Deirdre Timusk, Faculty Representative
Jim Garner, Vice-President of Advancement and Strategy
Lindsay Tarvit, Associate Director of Alumni and Parent Relations

Past Council Presidents
Alexander Younger ’89
John Cape ’87
David MacDougall ’81
Rob Parsons ’87
Jim Hayhurst ’87

Association Appointed Board of Governors
Todd Hargarten
Charlie Sims ’80
Blake Hutcheson ’80