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Old Boy of Distinction

Established in 2017, the Old Boy of Distinction Award is among UCC’s highest honours.

Presented annually by the UCC Association Council from the College’s 13,000 + living alumni, the recipient will have: demonstrated a lifetime of significant achievement in his field(s) of endeavour; and have made a positive impact on the local, national or global community while upholding the principles and values of the College.

How to Nominate an Old Boy

Any member of the UCC community may nominate someone for an Old Boy of Distinction or Young Old Boy of Distinction Award. To nominate a candidate, please submit the following:

  1. Nominee details including: name, year of graduation, contact information and curriculum vitae;
  2. A description of the nominee’s accomplishments and contributions in their field(s) of endeavour and community; and
  3. Up to three letters of support from other UCC community members.

All nominations will be treated as confidential by UCC and those involved in the selection process.