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Affording UCC

When determining the affordability of Upper Canada College for your family, there are a number of financial considerations to make beyond tuition. UCC has a generous financial assistance program — over $5 million is awarded annually.

At Upper Canada College, we believe that the quality of our boys is the single most important factor defining our reputation, relevance and future. In a world where change is more constant and rapid than ever before, it’s vital that we attract the best and brightest students — regardless of their financial circumstances. To that end, we encourage all applicants to Year 5 and above to apply for financial assistance.


Tuition & Fees

The information below applies to the 2017-2018 school year and application fees for September 2018 entry.

Initial Fees (New Students Only)

New Students Day Boarding
Application Fee $150 until Nov. 1, 2017
$200 Nov. 2-Dec. 1, 2017
$150 until Nov. 1, 2017
$200 after Nov. 1, 2017
Registration Fee* $8,500 $5,000

* The Registration Fee is an additional one-time, non-refundable charge for new students due on registration.

Annual Tuition and Fees (All Students)

Grade Day Boarding Domestic Boarding Int’l*
SK-Year 7 $31,400 N/A N/A
Year 8-10 $31,400 $56,024 $59,524
Year 11-12 $34,400 $59,024 $62,524

* International boarding students are those who do not hold a Canadian passport, irrespective of their country of residency. All boarders holding a Canadian passport will follow the Domestic fee schedule.

Incidental Charges and Other Financial Considerations

To give you a big-picture idea of financial considerations — including extra-curricular programs, team travel and boarding-specific costs as well as payment plan options — we’ve prepared the below guides. Please contact the Office of Admission if you have any questions.