CLP: 2020-21

Prep School

Prep School | 2020–21 Academic Year

We are excited for the 2020-21 academic year and while the nature of the UCC learning experience will differ across year levels, ensuring that learning is age-appropriate and navigable for students and families remains a top priority.

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  • Learning Models

    Our model of instruction enables all Prep students to learn on campus each day. Students will remain in their home form classroom for as much of the day as possible, and interacting with a minimum number of teachers.
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  • Routines

    Students will enter the Prep at designated doors with supervision from faculty who will remind them to use hand sanitizer. While restrictions remain in place, students will be reminded to maintain physical distance during arrival and departure.  
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  • Co-curricular Program

    Our co-curricular program offerings will be as full and varied as possible given physical distancing and cohorting measures and  current health guidelines. As these guidelines continue to develop during this time of restrictions, we will keep you updated on clubs, activities and other non-academic programming.
Physical Environment
The College is committed to ensuring a healthy and safe environment. Classroom seating is arranged to ensure we meet physical distance guidelines. 

Prep students are wearing a modified UCC physical education uniform this year. UCC branded items are available at the Blues Shop. The Blues Shop catalogue, order and curbside pick-up details are available here

After School Program
The After School Program (ASP) is available this year to students in SK to Year 7. Please note that only pre-registered students will be allowed in the ASP and that clubs will not be available this year until further notice. Students not registered for ASP whose parents are late in collecting them at dismissal will be supervised by an ASP staff member, outdoors, by the ASP gathering point in front of the Parkin building. Parents who are more than 15 minutes late will find their child's account charged $25.00 for this supervision service beginning Monday, September 21, 2020. Details about the ASP and the registration form is available on the Continuous Learning Plan: 2020-21 Parent Resource Board in Bluenet.

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