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  • What has UCC’s response to COVID-19 been so far?

    • UCC has been closely monitoring the global situation since December 2019.
    • We’ve maintained regular communication with our community with updates on impacts to school life, learning and access to campus. 
    •  Communications are also shared on our public website and on our employee and parent resource boards
    • UCC is in regular communication with fellow independent schools and colleagues around the world (including our partners at the IBO)
    • Since the provincial school closures were announced on March 12, our academic team has worked to transition our learning program from an in class experience to our virtual Continuous Learning Plan (CLP)
  •  When will the College’s campus reopen?

    • UCC will continue to closely monitor developments and follow guidance and advice from national and local governments and health authorities. 
    • Campus will reopen when the government and health authorities deem it safe to return to campus. 
    • Please watch for updates on our
  • Are there any changes new or prospective families should be aware of?

    • There have been no changes to the application process or deadlines for September 2021 entry, however spring campus tours are currently on hold. Families can fill out the form on our admission inquiry page and the College will be in touch at a later date with updates.
    • Applications for September 2020 are now closed for our day students. 
    • We are still accepting applications for our boarding program applications to our boarding program. The boarding application and admission process can be completed in full online.
    • We encourage families to explore the many virtual resources available via our website, and follow our social channels 
    • Please continue to visit the Admission section of our website for updated information.
    • Should you have any questions about admission or deadlines please contact  
  • Does this impact summer life programs at UCC?

    • We will continue to monitor COVID-19 developments and follow the guidance and advice of Canadian health authorities to guide our practices
    • Please visit our website for further updates on our summer life programs as information becomes available
  • What’s been the impact on UCC operations and events?

    • On March 12, the Ontario government issued a ministerial order to close all publicly funded schools in Ontario following March Break
    • As a result, Upper Canada College has closed access to all UCC buildings, inclusive of boarding houses 
    • All events and extracurriculars have been cancelled until further notice 
    • On Monday, March 23,The Government of Ontario announced that at all non-essential businesses must close physical operations, which requires UCC to fully close the campus
    • On March 25 UCC begins delivering the curriculum via our Continuous Learning Plan, which is a learning model that gives students the opportunity to participate in live online classrooms and engage in independent study 
    • While this is an unprecedented situation, that school is well-positioned to offer learning and events in new and modified ways
    • We remain in close contact with with our community to continue to evolve how we support and engage with each other as the situation changes 
    • As the College continues to adapt to this new model, we expect to move forward with certain events, panel discussions and talks online, where appropriate 
  • Will families receive tuition refunds? Will this impact tuition next year?

    • The curriculum will continue to be delivered to our students via UCC’s Continuous Learning Plan, which is a learning model that gives students the opportunity to participate in live online classrooms and engage in independent study. As school is in progress, albeit in a different format, families will not be receiving tuition refunds. 
    • The CPL will be in place until the government deems it safe to return back to campus
  • Will the school year be extended?

    • Since we do not have clarity on how long the campus closure needs to be in place, we will evaluate the situation on an on-going basis and provide regular updates as we receive additional information. Our intent is to keep our community safe and healthy while staying productive towards our mission and goals.
  • I purchased a ticket for an event on UCC campus. How do I get a refund now that all events have been cancelled? 

    • If you’ve purchased a ticket for an event on campus please contact a member of the College’s Community Relations team at 
    • You will be reimbursed the full cost of your ticket(s) once the College reopens. 


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  • How does this affect boarding students at UCC?

    • The provincial state of emergency status means that UCC had to close access to all UCC buildings, inclusive of boarding houses
    • Following March Break, on March 25 learning resumed via the College’s Continuous Learning Plan 
    • To assist students in different time zones, classes are recorded and saved to a Google Drive so they may be accessed at the time of day that suits work and sleep balance. 
    • For more information, click here.
  • When can boarding students return to campus?

    • UCC’s campus will reopen when the government deems it safe to do so. As such, we understand the sensitivity of the situation, and want to reassure our boarding community that we will give as much notice of any developments as soon as possible.

Learning and Graduation

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  • What is UCC’s Continuous Learning Plan (CLP)?

    • The Continuous Learning Plan outlines the guidelines and practices that support continuance of UCC’s learning program during this period of campus closure 
    • Based on the  successes and challenges of our colleagues around the world who have moved learning online, and after considering multiple models of learning, UCC decided to implement a hybrid model that gives students the opportunity to participate in live online classrooms in the morning and engage in independent study in the afternoon.
    • This model is a combination of synchronous (all learning is live and in real time online) and asynchronous (all learning is posted and students complete it on their own time) learning
    • Continuous Learning Plan can be found here.
  • What does this mean for the IB Diploma Programme exams in May?

    • The International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) announced that the IB Diploma Programme (DP) examinations, previously scheduled between April 30 and May 22, are cancelled.
    • Depending on what the students registered for, they will be awarded a Diploma or a Course Certificate which reflects their standard of work. This will be based on student's coursework and the established assessment expertise, rigor and quality control already built into the programmes.
    • On March 27, the IB communicated that under this year's exceptional circumstance the IB Diploma will be awarded solely based on required IB student course work. More information on this announcement can be found here, including an IB FAQ here.
  • How will this impact this year’s Leaving Class?

    • UCC is committed to providing our Year 12 Leaving Class with the best experience possible under these unprecedented circumstances. 
    • We want to assure our community that  academic achievements and meaningful contributions to the College will indeed be recognized, although graduation celebrations may have different dates and venues than originally planned.
  • What kind of impact do you think this will have on students?

    • This is an adjustment for all of us - over the past week we’ve seen some significant changes to how we teach, collaborate and communicate with our students and UCC parents. 
    • As we move forward, we have a number of supports available to our students.
      • Our CLP ensures we have daily online face-to-face interactions with the boys;
      • Assemblies are an important part of UCC culture. The College will continue both Prep and Upper school assemblies in a recorded video format;
      • Boys will continue to have access to the Centre for Learning, their form advisers, the university counselling team, tech support and health centre staff, as well as having daily online interactions with their friends and classmates
    • We all play an important role in supporting the success and wellbeing of our boys and we remain confident that the College is well-positioned to see the successful completion of our boys’ academic program for this year.
  •  What support does UCC have in place for students?

    As we see the implementation of our new learning model, we ensured that we have a diverse array of supports available to students: 
    • The Centre for Learning at both the Prep and Upper Schools will continue to be accessible to students  
    • A form adviser will have weekly face-to-face online chats with boys individually 
    • The CPL ensures daily live real-time interaction with teachers and classmates - having students actively participate in live instruction online is critical to their feelings of positive emotion towards learning, attachment to community and overall engagement.
    • In the instances when students are not be able to attend a class each class will be recorded and the recording made available to the class.
    • Our university counselling team will continue to be accessible to students and we encourage students or parents to contact the team with questions about post-secondary planning or course selection
    • We are also providing tech support to families by loaning laptops, iPads and any other necessary equipment, as well as assisting families who are self-isolating by delivering any books and equipment to their residences
    • UCC’s IT team has been developing ‘quick help’ documents on various platforms, such as Seesaw, ManageBac and/or PowerSchool. 
    • Our Health Centre staff are available online to continue to support the mental health and emotional wellbeing of boys. 
  • How is UCC supporting students' physical and mental wellbeing? 

    • Throughout these uncertain times it’s important to monitor our wellbeing 
    • We know that having students actively participate in live instruction online is critical to their feelings of positive emotion towards learning, attachment to community and overall engagement. For this reason, we’ve ensured our boys have face-to-face interaction opportunities on a daily basis  
    • Another significant lesson learned from others is that the overall wellbeing of students can deteriorate as our time away from school prolongs. 
    • We are supporting the boys  having regular advising sessions where the boys have an opportunity to remain connected to their adviser and friends. 
    • Given the importance of relationships and engagement to personal wellbeing, the school will also create opportunities for students to participate in online co-curricular programming. This may include student clubs moving to an online format and arts activities represented through a virtual domain
    • As we move forward, we anticipate moving certain alumni events online as well
    • Our Health Centre staff are available online to continue to support the mental health and emotional wellbeing of boys. 
  • How are you maintaining community spirit now that campus is closed?

    • Over the past few weeks as we’ve been collectively navigating these circumstances I’ve seen the tremendous support the College has received from students, parents, employees and alumni.
    • It’s a testament to the connectedness, resilience and warmth of our community
    • Going forward, we’re fully committed to maintaining the UCC spirit through frequent and open communication with our boys, online face-to-face interaction, digital assemblies and student-led initiatives.

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