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Establishing a new unfamiliar routine may not always be smooth and without challenge. The following information and guidelines are designed to support Continuous Learning, and provide UCC parents with tips for creating structure and routines in the CLP model. 
  • Establish routines and expectations for your son’s school work from the start of Continuous Learning.
  • Designate a regular space or location for learning.
  • Regularly monitor school communications.
  • Play an active role in monitoring and supporting students with learning objectives and tasks as appropriate to their age and stage. Consider beginning and ending each day with a check in to set goals, identify challenges and review progress. 
  • Encourage students to attend to learning with their highest possible level of effort.
  • Monitor student wellbeing and encourage physical activity and exercise and other wellbeing practices.
  • Seek support as outlined in the Prep and Upper sections of the CLP.
  • Stay connected with other parents, sharing strategies, challenges and successes.

For families

Wellbeing resources

Prioritizing wellbeing is as important as ever while we strive to care for ourselves and each other during these highly challenging times. We have curated some resources with the intention of supporting you and your family's resilience, health, happiness and other aspects of wellbeing. If you have specific questions, or require more specialized support, please contact a member of our Health Centre team

Tech support

During Continuous Learning, students will continue to use the primary systems they use throughout the year with the addition of Google Meet for face-to-face communication. Students should review and abide by the school’s online learning guidelines. You can find the full list of tech support in the Continuous Learning Plan.

External resources


  •  January 26: UCC sends out first community communication about COVID-19

  • March 12: Government of Ontario issues a ministerial order to close all publicly funded schools in Ontario for two weeks following March Break, from March 14 to April 5. UCC campus is closed to students, and non-essential faculty and staff.

  • March 16: UCC updates community on learning plans following March Break, cancels or postpones  events until April 14.

  •  March 18: UCC shares Continuous Learning Plan update with the Prep and Upper Schools families and faculty UCC shares detailed plans about operations and learning with the boarding community;.

  •  March 22: International Baccalaureate Organization (IB) announces that the IB Diploma Programme (DP) examinations, scheduled between April 30 and May 22, will not be held this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • March 23 - March 24: UCC faculty engage in two days of professional development focused on online learning and planning ahead.

  •  March 24: Government of Ontario announces that all non-essential businesses must close physical operations as of Tuesday, March 24. UCC campus is fully closed.

  • March 24: UCC shares Continuous Learning Plan (CLP) with the school community

  • March 25: Learning resumes via Continuous Learning Plan

  • March 27: UCC shares Year 12 IB program updates

  • March 31: UCC extends campus closure until May 4

  • April 5-9: Version 2 of the Continuous Learning Plan is shared with Upper and Prep families

  • April 15: UCC shares update on leaving class celebrations

  • April 23: Brendan Dellandrea '01, Vice-Principal, Advancement shares note with alumni community about upcoming events

  • April 26: UCC announces campus closure will extend to May 31
  • May 8: Version 3 of the Continuous Learning Plan is shared with Upper anda Prep families

  • May 20: UCC announces campus closure for the rest of the school year and cancellation of summer camps

  • June 18: Principal McKinney sends out his end of year message to families.
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