COVID-19 Response

Student resources

Setting you up for success

UCC’s CLP provides you with opportunities to continue your learning, connect with teachers and classmates, and access the support you need. With the guidance of teachers, advisors and UCC support resources we aim to provide you with the necessary tools for success.

Continuous learning tips for students

Below are some tips that will help you make the most of your time learning away from UCC campus:
  1. Establish a work setup: find a comfortable work space with as few distractions as possible. 
  2. Schedule specific times for learning: when online instruction is “asynchronous” (not at scheduled times), it can be very tempting to procrastinate, in favour of Netflix and other at-home distractions. To help persevere, simply set aside time in your calendar for reviewing classes, reading your textbooks, and doing homework. 
  3. Make time for yourself: make sure you set aside time for exercising, healthy eating, getting plenty of sleep and connecting with friends and classmates.
  4. Access help as needed: even though you’re not on campus, a diverse range of resources, support and help is accessible to all students.
  5. Create a daily routine: a daily routine helps you establish balance between study and downtime to avoid stress. 
UCC Head Steward '20 - '21
Henry Kellen speaks to students

Student initiatives

The Board of Stewards continues to meet virtually and aims to keep students connected, informed and supported. We understand that boys are concerned about possible interruptions to classes and activities, and the Portfolio Stewards will work closely with their faculty mentors to minimize the negative impact and look for the best possible alternatives. 

Some initiatives underway:
  • Holding time for clubs during the daily CLP schedule
  • Supporting boys in adapting to new online learning routines
  • Working to craft alternative plans for school and social events that are postponed or cancelled 
  • Hosting a UCC Wellbeing podcast promoting health and wellbeing while off campus
  • Encouraging arts’ competition submissions 
  • Holding fun online challenges via social media
  • Providing tips for physical exercise and activity at home
  • Recommending online service opportunities 
  • Communicating via regular social media posts and newsletters

Wellbeing resources

Prioritizing wellbeing is as important as ever while we strive to care for ourselves and each other during these highly challenging times. We have identified some resources below to support your resilience, health, happiness and other aspects of wellbeing. If you have specific questions, or require more specialized support, please contact a member of our Health Centre team

Student support

  • Advising continues to take place regularly and real-time online
  • The Wernham and West Centre for Learning continues to support students during this period of online learning 
  • The University Counselling Office is available online for consultation with students and parents
  • Students my contact the Macintosh Library for research support and guidance 
  • UCC’s IT team has developed ‘quick help’ documents on various platforms, such as Seesaw, ManageBac and/or PowerSchool
  • Our Health Centre staff are available online to continue to support the mental health and emotional wellbeing of boys
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