Fall 2020


Prioritizing Community Health and Wellbeing

UCC's return to campus plans focus on ensuring a safe and healthy learning and working environment, with student wellbeing as our top priority.
Continuous Learning at UCC
Monitoring physical and emotional wellbeing is imperative to staying healthy and nurturing resilience, especially during times of uncertainty and frequent change to routine. UCC will continue to support physical, social, emotional and cognitive wellbeing during our community’s return to a new environment, and provide ongoing support throughout the academic year.

Physical Distancing and Cohorting
We will seek to protect the health and wellbeing of students and staff—especially those most vulnerable to infection—with overlapping layers of protection. These efforts include decreasing the density in boarding accommodations, indoor spaces and classrooms. The College will provide single rooms for all boarding students and limit class sizes. In addition, we have adopted a new modular academic schedule for Prep and Upper School students and implemented new technology to foster a deeper sense of connection for all students. UCC’s modular structure will serve each student well—by reducing the number of classes students take over the course of the day and cohorting them into smaller classes, limiting the number of contacts any student has on a daily basis.

The Health Centre
The Health Centre is responsible for providing care and support for physical, social and emotional wellbeing for all students. The team includes a director of student health services, a psychologist, a school counsellor and registered nurses. We also have a designated doctor, the lead physician at a clinic close to the school, who is available for consultations and appointments for our boarding students.
Guided by health authorities, the Health Centre team has been developing a comprehensive approach to school reopening that mitigates risks and provides an exemplary level of care. Our approach to campus reopening is multi-faceted and includes processes, protocols and policies related to daily screening, masks and face coverings, dealing with suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19, and outbreak contingency planning. 
Health Centre staff at the Prep and Upper School will be available for in-person and online support for boys and parents this fall. In addition to providing confidential counselling, they will also lead student support groups. Parents can contact their son’s adviser, teacher or a member of the Health Centre with any concerns about his wellbeing. For general medical enquiries, please email health.centre@ucc.on.ca

Remote Learning 
Our goal is to remain on campus throughout the school year, however, should a shift to remote learning prove necessary, UCC’s Continuous Learning Plan (CLP) ensures learning continues. For students who will not be returning to campus in-person this fall, the CLP will provide remote access to our program with the help of significantly upgraded classroom technology.

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  • Accessibility

    Help Desk technicians will be available Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. by email and phone (416) 488-1125 ext. 3323. Students who are onsite can bring technical issues to the Help Desks located at the Prep and Upper School. The CfL will continue to support students and provide individualized assistance to parents and students as needed.
  • Advising

    The advising system will continue to serve as a way for boys to develop relationships with peers and faculty advisers. In addition to individual check-ins with advisers, designated advising time will provide opportunities for intentional social interaction overseen by faculty. 
  • Athletics

    Physical activity is a key component of individual wellbeing. It is our intention to offer a robust but modified athletic program in the fall that accommodates for physical distancing and other health-related measures. Our current planning is centred on a flexible, phased approach that starts with intra-school training, skill development and competition within cohorts, and moves toward inter-school competition once restrictions are lifted and we are authorized to expand programming by our governing athletic association.
  • Music

    Our music program including small ensembles, bands and groups may be permitted, provided physical distancing and other health measures are followed.
  • Theatre

    The College's theatre program will resume, with productions in virtual formats and extending to live formats where physical distancing and cohorting measures can be practiced.

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  • Co-curricular Programming

    Our co-curricular program offerings are part of what makes the UCC experience so special. They will be as full and varied as possible given physical distancing and cohorting measures and  current health guidelines. As these guidelines continue to develop during this time of restrictions, we will keep you updated on clubs, activities and other non-academic programming. 
  • Clubs

    Our wide array of clubs and related programming will continue through virtual formats to respect cohorting and physical distancing. Where possible with current restrictions, clubs of small sizes may meet with appropriate physical distance in place.
  • Physical Wellbeing

    Physical activity is essential to wellbeing, especially when students are not attending school daily. To support wellbeing, physical education faculty will deliver content through scheduled classes that promote fitness, sleep, nutrition, and physical movement. For questions and to request accommodations, please contact your son’s coach or teacher.
  • Norval Outdoor School

    Outdoor education is an integral part of the learning experience for our students. To ensure that students benefit from our Norval program we are planning to provide outdoor education programming by Norval staff at the Deer Park campus.
  • Service

    It is our intention to continue to provide meaningful service programming for students. We will engage in a variety of service opportunities, including intra-school and small group initiatives, virtual service opportunities, and, as restrictions permit, in-person service.

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