Benefits of IB Programmes

UCC aims to provide the highest-quality education that is ideally suited to the needs of boys at every stage of their development. We are confident that IB Programmes offer the world’s best curricular framework for realizing this goal.
As an IB World School, UCC has met rigorous standards in such areas as teacher training, curriculum design and student supports. Every IB school completes a thorough authorization process and is evaluated regularly.
IB Programmes do the following:
  • encourage students of all ages to think critically and challenge assumptions
  • use complex, real-life examples to teach knowledge and skills
  • focus on understanding, not just remembering facts
  • foster independent thinking, strong study habits, and critical time management skills
  • teach students to drive their own learning
  • encourage students of all ages to consider both local and global contexts
  • develop well-rounded students who know how to collaborate and act ethically
IB students love learning and are motivated to succeed. IB Programmes inspire them to be inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, balanced and reflective.
These qualities, which comprise the “IB Learner Profile,” complement UCC’s own values of learning, pluralism, service, community and wellbeing. Furthermore, the IB aligns perfectly with UCC’s mission and our focus on inquiry.
Preparation for post-secondary success

The IB Diploma Programme is considered the international “gold standard” in high school preparation for university. Students’ Diploma Programme results are assessed externally, which ensures the quality and consistency of grades.
IB graduates hit the ground running in post-secondary education. They report feeling well prepared for university and have strong cognitive, research, writing and organizational skills — IB requirements such as the Extended Essay are reported to contribute to this. In their first year of university, IB graduates tend to out-perform their non-IB counterparts, and they have a better record of sticking with their university studies.

As the name implies, IB Programmes are global — they are available in about 150 countries. IB students learn to see the world from different perspectives, and learning another language boosts their skills as global citizens.

Our commitment to the IB Programme began over 20 years ago with the adoption of the Diploma Programme. Today, we are a leader in IB education and, as a Middle Years Programme (MYP) candidate school, our authorization of the MYP by 2020 will make UCC the first boys’ school in North America to deliver the three IB Programmes!
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