2018-19 Projects

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Enhancing Approaches to Learning

How might we explicitly teach and authentically assess and track Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills across disciplines and grade levels? (Lincoln Smith)
Developing a Student-Directed, Blended Math Program

How might we develop a mathematics program to better serve the diverse needs of Prep students? (Emilia Martin)
Teaching Productive Digital Citizenship

How might we improve how we help students develop the skills to be responsible and productive digital citizens? (Lara Jensen and Sarah Barclay)
Creating An Intentional Mindfulness Program

How might we extend the College’s mindfulness practices to develop a more coordinated effort to implement, review and assess impact. (Christie Gordon and Catherine Erb)
Creating Learning Experiences with Virtual Reality
How might we pioneer new narratives with VR? How might we create and curate immersive learning experiences with VR? (Ryan Archer and David Crawford)
The word experience The UCC Difference