Caroline Mulroney spoke to Lang Scholars

Ontario Attorney General and Minister of Francophone Affairs Caroline Mulroney visited Upper Canada College on Feb. 6 to take part in a lunch and learn session with the school’s Lang Scholars.

Mulroney was invited by UCC executive director of development and stewardship Sarah Robertson to take part in a conversation with the student athletes chosen to be part of the program. Lang Scholars attend a few of these sessions each year as part of their involvement in a range of activities designed to enhance their leadership skills.
The boys were appreciative of Mulroney’s visit and gained insights that they can hopefully use now and in the future as part of their commitment to community service.
“Ms. Mulroney outlined how applicable a politics or politics-like career would be,” says Year 12 student PJ Bujouves. “Whether you were business-oriented or not, learning more about the science behind the decision-making of governments and varying political parties can be extremely valuable.”
Mulroney told the students that some media sources have the potential to be extremely biased and try to characterize politicians without meeting them, which can cloud people’s judgment about them.
“Politics has the potential to reunite us because of its wide application and its innate ability to bring people together,” says Bujouves. 
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