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  • Aaron Ratnavel ’23

    Aaron, a member of Mowbray’s House, is an athletic steward, a four-time recipient of the general proficiency award and a previous recipient of the athlete of the year award. He plays UCC varsity basketball and varsity track, and is captain of the varsity soccer team at UCC, as well as playing with Power Soccer Academy. Aaron is part of the World Affairs Conference executive team. He enjoys volunteering with Helping Hands at UCC and at the SAAAC Autism Centre. Finance and business are two of Aaron’s areas of focus, and he has co-founded a business competition with other COSSOT schools and is co-head of UCC’s investment club.
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  • Davey Seeman ’23

    Davey, a member of Bremner’s House, enjoys playing junior varsity soccer, varsity tennis and swimming with Jack of Sports. He also plays and coaches tennis at Toronto Tennis City. Outside of sports Davey is part of the chess club at UCC, and is also the head of the quantum computing club, is part of the engineering club, the clubs advisory committee, and the Coding and Algorithms Academy. Davey wrote the Euclid contest and the Hypatia contest and does coding challenges on the DMOJ platform. He has received a number of UCC accolades, including the academic award, principal’s list, general proficiency and a theatre arts award.
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  • Calvin Little ’23

    Calvin, a member of Wedd’s House, is an avid hockey player who plays both varsity hockey and varsity rugby at UCC. Calvin hopes to hone his hockey skills and continue to play the sport as he moves into his post-secondary journey. Calvin’s favourite subjects are math and physics. When Calvin has a break from his academic pursuits, he loves to spend time training in the Strength, Agility & Speed Fitness Centre, playing guitar, reading books, watching movies and participating in UCC boarding life.
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  • William Lin ’23

    William, Bremner’s Head of House, is head of DECA club and senior ambassador of The Blue and White. He also plays varsity golf, and pursues varsity volleyball at both UCC and club volleyball. William is an avid philanthropist and has co-founded Project Articular which raised more than $5,000 for SickKids Foundation in one month. As a semi-finalist of the Diamond Challenge global entrepreneurship competition, William raised more than $10,000. He is also a two-time provincial DECA champion and was on the principal’s list in Year 10. William’s favourite subjects are physics, math and philosophy.
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  • David McQuillen Young ’23

    David, of Martland’s House, excels in a range of sports, including varsity football, varsity rugby, and tier 1B hockey. He hopes to win CISAA in football and rugby before graduating. Outside of UCC David plays AA hockey. In his spare time he loves mountain biking and camping, and he belongs to UCC’s outdoors club. David volunteers with Helping Hands. He was awarded a general proficiency award, and his favourite classes include physics and chemistry.
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  • Daniel McDonald ’23

    A Seaton’s House prefect, Daniel is an avid member of the track and field team and the basketball team, where he received recognition for being the most improved player in basketball. He is head of the Black Excellence Society and Truth and Reconciliation club, and a member of jazz band and the debate club. In his free time, he enjoys playing the saxophone and the steel pan. During this school year, he strives to break 10.9 seconds in the 100-metre race. Daniel’s favourite subjects are chemistry and biology.
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  • Jack Laurin ’23

    A Wedd’s House prefect, Jack revels in a wide range of activities at UCC and in his community. From varsity hockey, varsity golf, intramural basketball and intramural football at UCC to lifeguarding at a local pool, hiking and camping, Jack strives to lead by example and be a role model. He hopes to help build a strong team culture of hard work, grit, resilience, accountability and caring for each team member in hockey this year. His favourite subjects are math and economics. He has received a number of accolades, including the Governor General's academic medal, the general proficiency award, the Hl French B award and was the salutatorian of his graduating class at Loyola High School.
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  • Jack Guilfoyle ’23

    Part of Bremner’s House, Jack is a member of the UCC rowing team, the track and field team, and is captain of the cross-country team. He also plays in the senior jazz band, acts as director on the creativity council, and is the head of Relay for Life. Jack has achieved general proficiency in all his years at UCC. This year, Jack hopes to place in the top 20 runners at OFSAA, and to be on the Head of the Charles Regatta rowing team. Physics and chemistry are among his favourite subjects. 
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  • Charles Price ’23

    Charles is a Seaton’s House Prefect. Sports play a big role in his school life, and he plans to join the varsity football, varsity hockey, varsity rowing, and varsity rugby teams. He also plays on the Team Quebec 19U rugby team. In Year 11, Charles was awarded athlete of the year. In the classroom his favourite subject is economics and he uses this skill to help him run his own exterior-maintenance company in the summer.
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  • Taran Hooey ’24

    Taran is a Howard’s House mentor and enjoys maths and sciences. He also plays both varsity basketball and varsity lacrosse and balances a wide range of other interests at UCC, such as his membership in the engineering club and senior jazz band. Music carries over into his personal life as well, where he plays both guitar and piano. For his 2022–23 year, he hopes to maintain a high academic standing in his classes, be a star contributor to his sport teams, and to exemplify the values of the Lang Scholar Program.
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  • Leo Schneeberg ’24

    A member of Orr’s House, Leo plays varsity hockey and varsity lacrosse at UCC. Leo has been the recipient of multiple awards, including a product design award and being on the principal’s list in Year 9. He enjoys music and was a part of the music production club in Year 10. In his free time he also enjoys skiing, wake surfing and golfing. In the summers he volunteers as an instructor at a hockey camp in Muskoka. His favourite subjects are English, history and product design.
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Lang Scholar Graduates

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  • Justin Orridge ’23

  • Eric An ’22

  • Graeme Tremain ’22

  • Lewis Lapham ’22

  • Lukas Timusk ’22

  • Nicholas Knoth ’22

  • Noah Kinloch Varga ’22

  • Preston Senst ’22

  • Robbie Evans ’22

  • Tiger Xie ’22

  • Will Huang ’22

  • Colin Gould ’21

  • Henry Kellen ’21

  • Jack Wildi ’21

  • Jeremy Bello ’21

  • Jinoo Kim ’21

  • Michael Goralski ’21

  • Michael Wilson ’21

  • Nicholas de Chazal ’21

    Nicholas is a member of the football and rugby teams and co-captain of the swim team. He also is the head of design for WAC as well as the CAS representative for Seaton’s house and a peer-tutor in boarding and the Horizons program.  In his spare time, Nicholas enjoys travelling, skiing, and riding BMX. Nicholas has also lived around the world in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Switzerland. His favourite subjects are Physics and European History and he’s interested in studying engineering and continuing swimming after UCC. 
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  • Reid Gledhill ’21

  • Alex Dreger ’20

  • Aryan Pasricha ’20

  • Ben Sun ’20

  • Josh Duckman ’20

  • Juan David Guerra ’20

  • Luka Pusic ’20

  • Phillip Kong ’20

  • Raphael Berz ’19

  • Shaan Hooey ’20

  • Simon Ofiara ’20

  • William Blair ’19

  • PJ Bujouves ’19

  • Daniel Cooper ’19

  • Henry Gage ’19

  • James Kingsmill ’19

  • Jeremy Kofman ’19

  • Brennan Lupyrypa ’19

  • Matthew Martin ’19

  • Jack Tucker ’19

  • Dylan Zhao ’19

  • Rupert Davies ’18

  • Calvin Jeffrey ’18

  • Will McCreadie ’18

  • Elliott McDermott ’18

  • Tristan Vaillancourt-Gauthier ’18

  • Chris Willcocks ’18

  • Keenan Conlon ’17

  • Sevion DaCosta ’17

  • Hannibal de Pencier ’17

  • Pearce Gould ’17

  • Trevor Hutcheson ’17

  • Darwin Jimal ’17

  • Malcolm Risk ’17

  • Kalil Shaw ’17

  • Robert Walker ’17

  • Mattia Colangelo ’16

  • Darren Elias ’16

  • Simon Higgins ’16

  • Clayton Jeffrey ’16

  • Jack Norton ’16

  • Aidan Power ’16

  • Zacharie Quiviger ’16

  • Justin Wong ’16

  • Philippe Archambault ’15

  • Louis Christophe Hébert ’15

  • Jeff Misner ’15

  • Akiel Zarudny ’15

  • Phillippe Martin ’14

  • Liam Power ’14

What people are saying about the Lang Scholar Program
To be a Lang Scholar is humbling. Above and beyond the athletics or academics, it’s an award that embodies the epitome of character, often unrecognized amongst merit-based awards. I have been honoured to be a part of such a spectacular group of people. If the program has taught me anything, it’s that striving to be the best you can will inspire others to reach their full potential.
—Chris Willcocks ’18
I am lucky to be a Lang Scholar, and I look forward to being a part of the program's continuing development.
—Liam Power ’14
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