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  • Alex Dreger ’20

    Alex is a member of the varsity football, basketball and baseball teams. He’s also an elected prefect of Bremner’s House. Alex plays the clarinet and is a part of the senior band. He’s earned many awards including the Class of ‘57 trophy, Tom Lawson award, Geography prize in Year 10, and Spanish prize in Year 9. Alex’s favourite subjects at UCC are math and physics. In his free time he loves to read, especially about sabermetrics and statistical analysis, and go on canoe trips throughout the summer.
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  • Josh Duckman ’20

    Josh is a member of the varsity soccer and track and field teams. He won the athlete of the year award in Year 10 and was recently elected to be a prefect of Howard’s House. Josh’s favourite subjects are sports science and biology. He enjoys playing hockey, spending time at the cottage, and relaxing with family and friends. Josh plans on pursuing soccer after UCC.
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  • Reid Gledhill ’21

    Reid is a member of both the varsity soccer and squash teams. Outside of UCC he plays soccer, squash and hockey. Reid is also a recipient of an academic tie and was on the Principal’s List in both 2017 and 2018. Other extracurricular activities include volunteering for Horizons and the Out of the Cold Foundation, and watching and playing many sports. Reid’s favourite subjects are math, computer science and biology. In his free time he enjoys fishing, playing bridge, travelling, coding, reading, and spending time with family.
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  • Juan David Guerra ’20

    Juan is head of the Spanish club, as well as a member of both the varsity volleyball and track and field teams. His favourite subjects are biology and chemistry and he’s also very interested in music. Juan earned the general proficiency award, Cayley Waterloo math contest certificate of distinction, and the varsity volleyball most improved player award. He’s a member of Howard’s House and in his free time he loves to spend time with his friends.
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  • Shaan Hooey ’20

    Shaan is chair of the World Affairs Conference, secretary general of Ontario Model United Nations, and VP of the Model UN club. He’s also head of the Amnesty International club, a community service steward, and co-captain of both the varsity cross country and track and field teams. Shaan’s other interests include music, film, creative writing and poetry. His favourite subjects are economics, physics and English. Shaan is a member of Howard’s House and is very engaged in school activities. He’s interested in studying engineering followed by an MBA after UCC. He also plans on continuing cross country and track and field at the Central Toronto Athletic Club. Shaan enjoys travelling, hanging out with his friends, and spending time with his family.
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  • Henry Kellen ’21

    Henry is a member of the varsity basketball and baseball teams and is a certified Level 3 baseball umpire. He’s also a Year 9 mentor. Outside of UCC, Henry plays AAA baseball, having won three Ontario championships and five Toronto championships. He’s the chief umpire for Leaside Baseball and coaches for the team. He also plays rep level basketball, and is a volunteer at Toronto homeless shelter Out of the Cold. Henry has travelled to six of the seven continents.
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  • Phillip Kong ’20

    Phillip is an elected prefect for Scadding's House, head of the UCC Debate Club, and The Blue and White editor-in-chief. He's also co-captain of the varsity swimming and track & field teams. Outside of UCC, Phillip is a referee for the TSA (Toronto Soccer Association), volunteers with rEcess Kingsway, is a co-author of a research paper published in the Royal Society of Chemistry's Green Chemistry journal from a summer internship at UC Santa Barbara, and he enjoys listening to a wide variety of music. He's won many awards at UCC, including the Year 10 general proficiency award, Principal's List in Year 10 and 11, William Mowbray prize in English, Higher Level Chemistry Prize, Philosophy Prize, co-winner of the junior swimmer of the year award for varsity swimming, and the Donald Cooper Award for Community Service.
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  • Simon Ofiara ’20

    Simon is a member of the varsity football and varsity rugby teams. He's also an elected prefect of Martland's House. Over the summer, he played club rugby and provincial rugby with Team Ontario, while also working as a child life volunteer at SickKids. In his free time, he enjoys going camping, fishing and scuba diving. Simon's faavourite subjects are biology and philosophy. He looks forward to pursuing health sciences in his post-secondary education and continuing to play rugby.
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  • Aryan Pasricha ’20

    Aryan is a member of the varsity soccer, basketball and lacrosse teams. He’s also head of the Wish Youth Network Society and the elected athletic steward. Aryan earned the athlete of the year award in 2018 and 2019, varsity lacrosse defensive player of the year, varsity basketball’s most improved player award in 2018, and the team’s most valuable player in 2019. His favourite subjects are biology and math. Aryan also plays Toronto Crossover Basketball outside of UCC. In his free time he enjoys to dance and eat a variety of different foods.
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  • Luka Pusic ’20

    Luka is head of Horizons coding, assistant head of the debate club, and an elected prefect of Wedd’s House. He’s also a member of the varsity rowing team, GSA, and cooking club. Luka’s favourite subjects at UCC include biology, economics and chemistry. In Luka’s free time he enjoys reading, gardening, House soccer, cooking, and photography. He also earned a spot on the Principal’s List.
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  • Ben Sun ’20

    Ben is head of Wedd’s House as well as head of the peer tutoring club. He’s also a member of the varsity swimming, football and track and field teams. His other extracurricular activities  include, music, art, and DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America). Ben earned the Year 9 art prize, general proficiency award, and was on the Principal’s List. His favourite subjects at UCC are biology and chemistry. In his free time he enjoys art, movies, and playing the guitar.
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Lang Scholar Graduates

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  • Raphael Berz ’19

  • William Blair ’19

  • PJ Bujouves ’19

  • Daniel Cooper ’19

  • Henry Gage ’19

  • James Kingsmill ’19

  • Jeremy Kofman ’19

  • Brennan Lupyrypa ’19

  • Matthew Martin ’19

  • Jack Tucker ’19

  • Dylan Zhao ’19

  • Rupert Davies ’18

  • Calvin Jeffrey ’18

  • Will McCreadie ’18

  • Elliott McDermott ’18

  • Tristan Vaillancourt-Gauthier ’18

  • Chris Willcocks ’18

  • Keenan Conlon ’17

  • Sevion DaCosta ’17

  • Hannibal de Pencier ’17

  • Pearce Gould ’17

  • Trevor Hutcheson ’17

  • Darwin Jimal ’17

  • Malcolm Risk ’17

  • Kalil Shaw ’17

  • Robert Walker ’17

  • Mattia Colangelo ’16

  • Darren Elias ’16

  • Simon Higgins ’16

  • Clayton Jeffrey ’16

  • Jack Norton ’16

  • Aidan Power ’16

  • Zacharie Quiviger ’16

  • Justin Wong ’16

  • Philippe Archambault ’15

  • Louis Christophe Hébert ’15

  • Jeff Misner ’15

  • Akiel Zarudny ’15

  • Phillippe Martin ’14

  • Liam Power ’14

What people are saying about the Lang Scholar Program
To be a Lang Scholar is humbling. Above and beyond the athletics or academics, it’s an award that embodies the epitome of character, often unrecognized amongst merit-based awards. I have been honoured to be a part of such a spectacular group of people. If the program has taught me anything, it’s that striving to be the best you can will inspire others to reach their full potential.
—Chris Willcocks ’18
I am lucky to be a Lang Scholar, and I look forward to being a part of the program's continuing development.
—Liam Power ’14
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