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  • What happens if my student becomes sick or has COVID-19 symptoms while at school?

    Parents of students experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 should contact Attendance to report their student absent and are encouraged to complete the REACH screening app or a self-screening tool. If the answer is "yes" to any of the screening questions, students are directed to follow the directions on the screening questionnaire and Toronto Public Health guidance.

    Students experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 while at school will be supported by faculty and brought to the Health Centre for assessment by the school registered nurse. As required after assessment by the nurse, the student will be brought to an isolation area at the school, and the school will contact parents/guardians to arrange immediate pick-up of the student. Parents/guardians will be directed to follow public health guidance including ensuring the student wears a mask, stays home and self-isolates and has a COVID-19 test.
  • If my student or someone in our family is immunocompromised can they continue with the CLP at home?

    Yes, UCC will offer a remote learning accommodation for students with a vulnerable health condition or who live with someone with a vulnerable health condition that is supported by appropriate documentation. Families wanting to apply for a remote learning accommodation should complete this online form by August 20, 2021 and provide appropriate supporting documentation for review. 

    In circumstances where a student’s health or the health of someone they live with suddenly changes during the year and a remote learning accommodation is needed, families should reach out to the Wernham West Centre for Learning. Likewise, if circumstances change for a student engaged in remote learning, they may return to in-person learning by providing the school with 48 hours’ or two business days’ notice ahead of the return.
  • Are masks mandatory for students? 

    We have introduced a mask-friendly environment and will support individual decisions regarding mask preference. Please note there are some instances when masks are required:
    1. All indoor assemblies and events (until further notice).
    2. For days 6-10 after a self-isolation period of five days after a COVID-19 diagnosis. Learn more here.
    3. If you are identified as a close contact of someone with COVID-19. Learn more here.
    4. For the first 14 days following travel outside of Canada. Learn more here.
  • How have the heating and cooling systems been optimized to reduce risks associated with COVID-19?

    The College has conducted an analysis of all its ventilation and air circulation systems to ensure they are appropriate for the safe return to school. The highest efficiency level of filters compatible with our system are in place, and filtration will be monitored and replaced frequently. The filtration provided is consistent with the manufacturer's recommendations for hospital laboratory environments.

    Fresh air will be brought into buildings regularly throughout the day, and a complete exhaust and refresh of air will take place daily during off-hours.

    All windows inside classrooms will be operable and open at all times, appropriate to weather conditions.
  • What does my student need to do before going to school on campus each day?

    While confirmation of daily screening is no longer required and completion of the REACH app is now voluntary, we encourage parents and all members of our community to continue monitoring their and their student's health and ask that individuals remain home if feeling unwell or experiencing any symptoms of illness.
  • How is UCC promoting the safety and health of our community as students and faculty are back on campus?

    The College’s health and safety protocols follow guidance from local and provincial public health authorities and the Ministry of Education. We continue to follow the direction and guidance of all relevant governing bodies and implement measures accordingly.
  • Is there co-curricular programming available? 

    The most recent guidance from the Ministry of Education speaks to a fulsome return to co-curricular programming for arts, athletics and clubs. Some programming may be subject to modifications or restrictions where required.
  • Can I purchase UCC-branded clothing and other items from the Blues Shop?

    Yes, while the store will not be physically open this year until further notice, you can place an order for curbside pick-up.

    Please review the online Blues Shop catalogue and place your order using the order form provided on page 2 of the catalogue. If you have any questions, please contact Patti Cawker-Chiang (bluesshop@ucc.on.ca), Store Manager, at 416-488-1125, ext. 4500.

    Orders will be available for curbside pick-up starting August 30 and open Monday to Friday from 2:45–3:45 p.m. Students can collect purchases after school and parents waiting for a purchase may park in the North Lot. Tables will be set up outside the Groundskeeping Building for physical distancing purposes; a map of pick-up location is available here.
  • What is the best way to contact my child’s teachers?

    Email is the best way to connect with faculty. Faculty emails are available by logging into Bluenet and navigating to the Faculty and Staff directory. Please allow 48 hours for a response to your inquiry.
  • Is the Health Centre open and available to students?

    Yes, the Health Centre is open and the Health Centre team is available to students for treatment, guidance and support. In addition, isolation rooms have been identified for use in the event that a student becomes ill or has symptoms of COVID-19 during the school day. In the case that a student becomes ill or symptomatic while on campus, parents or guardians will be required to pick up students promptly. Parents or guardians will be directed to follow public health guidance on the appropriate next steps. 
  • Under what circumstances could the CLP learning models change?

    The College follows guidelines from health authorities and the Ministry of Education. While we have returned to on-campus learning, if we are required to restrict campus activity and need to transition to a remote or hybrid model, we will be ready to make that switch. Our Continuous Learning Plan has been updated for 2021–22 and can be employed to support toggling between different learning models as circumstances may require.
  • What is the College's visitor policy?

    We are pleased to welcome visitors to campus again. Proof of vaccination and checklist screening is no longer required; however, all visitors are asked to self-screen for symptoms prior to arrival on campus.

    Masks will be required for school-organized indoor events, including attending performances and athletic events. This mask requirement policy for attending indoor events will be revisited in early May.

Upper School

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  • What has the school done to support the 2022 Leaving Class academically and in terms of exams? 

    First, we’d like to clarify the approach the school will take to managing the IB Diploma in relation to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). In a usual year, the final grades in a Year 12 student’s OSSD credits are based on 70 percent of their course grade on the UCC April Year 12 report and 30 percent of their final IB result in July. For the Leaving Class 2022, we will adopt this approach and include the final IB result in the determination of final OSSD grades only in cases where it benefits the student. We believe this step will benefit our Year 12 students — it provides a final opportunity to improve grades and also allows students to gain valuable experience writing formal cumulative IB exams in a way that doesn't negatively impact their final OSSD marks. 

    The IB has also taken steps to support students during this time. Many subjects have eliminated parts of exams or whole papers to reduce the amount of material required to study. In addition to this, IB assessment teams will carefully monitor student performance and adjust grade boundaries so that student outcomes in 2022 will be consistent with previous years. In these ways, the IB is mitigating the impacts of school closures and online learning. For more information about how the IB will support students please read this recent letter from the IB addressed to families.
  • I have students in the Prep and Upper schools. Will they be able to attend classes on campus on the same day?

    Prep Students are participating in on-campus learning daily. Upper School students are attending on-campus learning in cohorts according to the schedule provided to them. 
  • Will food services be offered during the school day?

    Students may bring lunch from home or participate in the Aramark classroom-delivered bagged lunch service. Families may opt-in on a term-by-term basis and will be billed accordingly. The menu is a six-week rotation in the Upper School, with service commencing on September 9. To review the Upper School rotating menus, as well as the Aramark form indicating lunch service participation, please log into Bluenet. Please note snacks will not be available for purchase; students may bring their own. 
  • What should my student bring to school with him each day?

    Upper School students should bring the following each day:
    - School supplies (including 4 whiteboard markers)
    - Charged laptop
    - Headphones
    - Personal supply of hand sanitizer (hand sanitizer will also be available throughout school buildings)
    - two clean medical (surgical/procedural) masks or three-ply cloth masks
    - Lunch, water bottle and snacks (Note: students not signed up for the lunch program will not be able to purchase food at school.)
  • Is UCC offering a physical education program as well as athletics and arts for students?

    Daily physical activity is essential to wellbeing. The most recent guidance from the Ministry of Education allows for a full return to physical education and co-curricular programming. Restrictions such as distancing and masking may apply to certain activities, depending on factors such as location (outside or indoor) and the level of physical contact involved.

    Our physical education faculty and coaches will follow guidance specific to certain sports and activities and will clearly communicate expectations to students.
  • How will I know if school events throughout the year are taking place on campus?

    The Upper School parent calendar will be updated to reflect school events. Every effort will be made to modify events to comply with public health guidelines related to public gatherings. 
  • Will Upper School cohorts be mixed during a term?

    Cohorts will be Year-level based and limited to 19–20 students.
  • Why are Upper School students divided into cohorts?

    Cohorting guidelines are in place to help minimize the risk of the spread of COVID-19, especially in the event of an outbreak.  
  • What should my student wear to school?

    With hygiene being of paramount importance for reducing the spread of COVD-19 and because students will not have access to lockers or changing areas this fall, we are suspending the requirement for the full UCC uniform for the period of hybrid learning. Should resumption of full in person classes resume, the school may opt to, over time, return to a regular school uniform. Please see the modified Upper School uniform requirements here
  • How will you manage students who do not abide by restrictions related to COVID-19?

    The safety of our students is of paramount importance. All Upper School students will have an opportunity to learn more about the day-to-day requirements of returning to campus prior to the start of school. The consequences of not adhering to any of the requirements will also be shared. As with all of the Upper School’s discipline policies, the current thinking describes a graduated discipline system, and we have a commitment from all faculty to enforce the COVID-19 restrictions. If any student persistently falls short of expectations and is deemed a risk to the safety of other students, that student will not be permitted on campus.

Prep School

List of 10 frequently asked questions.

  • How will Prep students be reminded to practice physical distancing?

    As part of the school’s health and safety measures, students are required to remain physically distant from each other and from their teachers. The College is employing a number of strategies to assist with this including designated Year-level entry and exit doors as well as bathrooms.  

    Signs are posted throughout the Prep to remind students to remain physically distant from classmates and teachers.

    Students will spend an increased amount of time outdoors as weather permits which will allow them opportunities to interact more freely with classmates in their cohort. 

  • What should my student wear to school?

    Information on the modified Prep uniform is available here.

    UCC branded clothing is available through the Blues Shop on campus. You can view the Blues Shop catalogue, along with the ordering details, here. To order, please contact Patti Cawker-Chiang, bluesshop@ucc.on.ca, 416-488-1125, ext. 4500.
  • Will the After School Program (ASP) be offered this year?

    The ASP will be available this year to students in SK to Year 7.
    Updates on programming will be provided to families by email as they are available.

    Students not registered for ASP whose parents are late in collecting them at dismissal will be supervised by an ASP staff member, outdoors, by the ASP gathering point in front of the Parkin building.
    Parents who are more than 15 minutes late will find their student's account charged $25.00 for this supervision service.

    For more information, please contact Emma Kanga, Summer Programs Manager,
    416-488-1125, ext. 2253. 
  • Will the Prep's lunch program be offered this year?

    Students may bring lunch from home or participate in the Aramark classroom-delivered bagged lunch service. Families may opt-in on a term-by-term basis and will be billed accordingly. Service will begin on September 13. To view the Prep menus and the Aramark lunch service participation form, please log into Bluenet.

    Students will eat lunch in their form rooms. Microwaves and hot water will not be available. 
    For further information about the meal plan please reach out to Aramark at UCC_eats@ucc.on.ca 

  • What is my student permitted to bring to school?

    Students should bring with them each day:
    • Backpack to carry minimal school supplies and lunch. 
    • Labelled water bottles as students will not be allowed to drink from campus water fountains. Water bottle refilling stations will be available. 
    • A pair of indoor athletic running shoes to change into after arriving at school or re-entering the building after phys-ed class and recess.
    • We expect that students will spend additional time outdoors. Please assure your student is prepared to enjoy outdoor time. 
  • Will there be a Norval program this year?

    Norval faculty will deliver programming at UCC's Deer Park campus. Activities will take place outdoors during the school day. The Norval campus will reopen for some programming later this school year. 
  • Will my student be required to bring a personal water bottle?

    Students should bring a clearly labelled water bottle since water fountains will be closed for drinking. 
  • How will I know if school events throughout the year are taking place on campus?

    The Prep Parent Calendar will be updated to reflect school events this year. Please check back often, and stay tuned to Heads Up for information about event plans. Every effort will be made to modify events to comply with public health guidelines. 
  • What is the best way to contact Prep teachers?

    Email is the best way to connect with your student's teachers. Faculty emails are available by logging into Bluenet and navigating to the Faculty and Staff directory. Please allow faculty 48 hours to respond to your inquiry.  
  • What Learning Management Systems (LMS) will students use?

    Primary students (SK to Year 5) will use SeeSaw and Middle students (Year 6 and 7) will use Brightspace, our new LMS. The school will offer virtual information sessions for parents on how to use these platforms.


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