UCC 2021–22


Prioritizing Community Health and Wellbeing

UCC's plans to return to campus focus on ensuring a safe and healthy environment for students and employees. 

Learning at UCC

Monitoring physical, social and emotional wellbeing is imperative to staying healthy and to nurturing resilience, especially during times of uncertainty. Supporting the physical, social, emotional and cognitive wellbeing of students remains our priority. 

The College will offer a remote learning accommodation for students with a vulnerable health condition or who live with someone with a vulnerable health condition that is supported by appropriate documentation.

Health and Safety Measures

UCC continues to follow direction from the Ministry of Education and Toronto Public Health. The College will employ multiple protective strategies and a layering of controls to support a safe and healthy environment for all. Below is a condensed list of health and safety measures, which may change depending on the COVID-19 situation at that time.
  • The College requires full vaccination for all eligible students and employees who will be accessing the campus for in-person learning and activities.
  • The College is mask-friendly environment and will support individual decisions regarding mask preference. Please note there are some instances when masks are required: 
    • For days 6-10 after a self-isolation period of five days after a COVID-19 diagnosis. Learn more here.
    • If you are identified as a close contact of someone with COVID-19. Learn more here.
    • For the first 14 days following travel outside of Canada. Learn more here.
  • Daily symptom monitoring and screening are encouraged. Parents are encouraged to monitor their student’s health daily. Students must remain home if they are feeling unwell or experiencing any symptoms of illness. The REACH app or a COVID-19 self-screening tool is available.
  • It is recommended that students and employees practise physical distancing whenever possible while on campus and especially indoors.
  • Hand sanitizing using an alcohol-based hand rub is required upon entry to the College and when entering and exiting each classroom.
  • Enhanced ventilation and facility cleaning and disinfecting practices are in place.

UCC Contacts

Health Centre staff at the Prep and Upper School are available to students and parents/guardians for confidential counselling and student support groups.

For more information, please view the 2021–22 UCC Student Health Services brochure or contact health.centre@ucc.on.ca.

Student Supports

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  • Student Health Services

    UCC Student Health Services takes a holistic approach to the cognitive, physical, social and emotional wellbeing of all students. The Health Centre team works collaboratively in the best interests of the student. The team consists of a Director of Student Health Services, a school psychologist, school social workers/counsellors, registered nurses and an athletic therapist. There is also a designated doctor at a clinic close to the school who is available for consultations and appointments for our boarding students. 
    The Health Centre team works with the College to ensure a safe and healthy environment for students and employees. 
    The College’s Health and Safety web content provides links to relevant resources and has a comprehensive FAQ section with guidance on school health and safety school protocols, including updated COVID-19 guidelines.
    Health Centre staff at the Prep and Upper School are available to students and parents/guardians for confidential counselling and student support groups. For more information, please view the 2021–22 UCC Student Health Services brochure or contact health.centre@ucc.on.ca.
  • Advising

    The Advising system continues to serve as a way to connect students with peers, Advisers and other members of their House. It is also critical in the delivery of the school's extensive Wellbeing programming. Advisers share strategies and activities designed to teach students about key components of wellbeing that will not only serve them throughout high school, but also in their lives after UCC.

    Advisers are trained in key programming and act as supportive guides in ensuring the wellbeing, social and emotional development of their advisees. This happens through group discussions, activities and individual check-ins.
  • Wernham West Centre for Learning

    The Wernham West Centre for Learning supports students and provides individualized assistance to parents and students as needed. For those students who must learn remotely, the Centre for Learning has created this helpful guide to online learning.
  • Physical Wellbeing

    Physical activity is essential to wellbeing. To support wellbeing, physical education faculty will deliver content through scheduled classes that promote fitness, sleep, nutrition and physical movement. In addition, our co-curriculars include the fullest possible athletic programming this year.

Co-curricular Programming

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  • Co-curriculars

    Our co-curricular program offerings are part of what makes the UCC experience so special. They will be as full and varied as possible given physical distancing and cohorting measures and  current health guidelines. As these guidelines continue to develop during this time of restrictions, we will keep you updated on clubs, activities and other non-academic programming. 
  • Athletics

    Physical activity is a key component of individual wellbeing. Based on guidance from the Ministry of Education, our 2021–22 athletic program offerings will return to a pre-pandemic state with some modifications in place for contact sports or sports taking place in an indoor setting. Specific program information will be communicated each term.
    The Conference of Independent Schools of Ontario Athletic Association (CISAA), which governs athletic programming for independent schools, has communicated that inter-school athletics will resume for the 2021–22 academic year. Some programming may be subject to some modifications and restrictions.
  • Music

    In-person music instruction and programming resumes this year. Some restrictions may apply, such as masking and distancing for activities such as singing and the use of wind instruments.
  • Theatre

    Theatre will return to in-person programming this year, with the interaction of cohorts permitted outdoors, with physical distancing encouraged, and indoors with masking and appropriate physical distancing.
  • Clubs

    While following current health guidelines, we are committed to delivering the fullest possible program of clubs. Some clubs will continue through virtual formats to respect cohorting and ensure physical distancing. Where possible, clubs of small sizes may meet in person with appropriate physical distance in place.
  • Norval Outdoor School

    Norval offers UCC students a chance to explore and learn about nature and the environment. At the start of the 2021–22 academic year, Norval staff will lead outdoor programs for students on UCC’s Deer Park campus. We plan to resume programming at the Norval campus in January 2022.
  • Service

    We will continue to provide meaningful service programming for students this year, both in-person and virtual. During in-person service learning, students will follow guidelines for cohorting and physical distancing.
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