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Update on strategic directions from Principal Sam McKinney

Dear UCC community members:

Thank you to the hundreds of community members who have participated in the consultations, to date, that will help shape our school’s future directions.

Members of different groups—parents, alumni, students, staff, faculty and Board members—have spoken openly and honestly with representatives of our consulting firm, Berlineaton, in recent weeks. The Old Boy Summit in late October helped kick off these strategy consultations, with more than 100 alumni sharing their thoughts about UCC’s strengths and areas for growth. Then, more than 300 community members met with our consultants in November, while others opted to provide comments online.

To those of you who have taken the time to share your ideas and your enthusiasm so far, I’m extremely grateful. Your thoughtful contributions are what our school needs as we embark on a journey to build our preferred future for UCC—a future where all boys will feel supported to be themselves and where their experiences will allow them to become their very best selves.

A collaborative and thorough planning process is essential. Right now, we’re still gathering the thoughts and opinions of our community members—a crucial step in the plan.

If you’ve not yet had the opportunity to share your thoughts, I encourage you to do so. You can submit your confidential input onlineat by Jan. 20. (We will continue to post updates on the strategic planning process through this section of the website.) There will also be other opportunities for you to engage in the process in the months to come.

Through the recent community consultations and the online feedback received so far, some recurring themes are emerging regarding UCC’s perceived strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (our “SWOT” analysis). We’re hearing that we have work to do in improving some aspects of school life—and I’m fully committed to doing that work in the months and years ahead.

In the new year, our consultants will analyze the feedback and carefully review the results of earlier school surveys. I look forward to sharing the research results with you in January. In the meantime, we’re heading into the final days of what has been a busy fall season at UCC.

Currently, our senior students are focused on their exams, but we’ve all found time for some much-needed seasonal fun in recent days. For example, the Festival of Christmas Music and Readings, the Primary Holiday Concert and Festive Marketplace helped spread some seasonal cheer throughout the school.

I look toward the new year with optimism and anticipation, and I remain grateful for your commitment to UCC.


Sam McKinney,