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The IB at UCC

Middle Years Programme

In the Middle Years Programme, students in Year 6 to Year 10 start exploring their passions from a global perspective, connecting their studies to their immediate community and beyond.
— Emilia Martin, Middle Years Programme Co-ordinator

The Middle Years Programme

The MYP involves eight subject groups, taught with a focus on inquiry and through the lens of key concepts and global contexts. 
The MYP is a perfect fit for boys in early adolescence and excellent preparation for the IB Diploma Programme. The outstanding, well-rounded MYP offers:
  • Rigorous learning objectives
  • A focus on learning how to learn
  • A student-centred approach to teaching — we encourage students to drive their own learning
  • Global perspectives
  • Concern for the whole child
  • Sustained learning in more than one language
  • The development of “flexible thinking” that prepares students to evaluate information critically and apply knowledge in complex, unfamiliar situations


One of the eight subject groups is design, in which boys have the opportunity to apply practical and creative thinking skills to solve design problems. Our innovative design courses cover three streams: digital media design, coding and programming, and innovative product design.

In the below video, Year 8 student Thuginthan Thurai takes us through the implementation of the MYP at UCC and MYP design.

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  • Emilia Martin

    Middle Years Programme Coordinator

The MYP in action

MYP Design Cycle

Modelled after a creative process designers use to solve complex problems, the "design cycle" is now employed by the world’s top tech, business and engineering companies. It takes students through four stages of solution development in the Design course:

1. Inquiring and analyzing
2. Developing ideas
3. Creating the solution
4. Evaluating
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