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Innovative and Dynamic Spaces

UCC's athletic facilities are home to 19 different sports and 85 interscholastic teams. Our program stands above its peers in terms of opportunities and programming to suit every skill level.
Our sports facilities include the following:
  • Two indoor hockey arenas (Olympic and NHL)
  • Strength, Agility & Speed (SAS) Fitness Centre with full-time trainer
  • Two indoor tennis courts
  • Four outdoor tennis courts
  • Baseball diamond
  • Four softball diamonds
  • Six soccer fields
  • Cricket field
  • Four basketball/volleyball courts
  • Eight badminton courts
  • Sports injury clinic
  • Football/lacrosse/rugby artificial turf field
  • Indoor pool
  • 400-metre all-weather track
There’s nothing wrong with staying focused on achieving your goals or keeping your eyes on the prize, but the more important message to aspiring athletes is to enjoy the journey. — Nigel White, Former Head of Athletics, Preparatory School
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